The Belarusian School of Chess celebrates housewarming

Dear Kirsan Nikolaevich! Further to our talks at the recent Olympic Games in Baku, I am sending photos and information for your website.

On October 5, the grand opening of the renovated Belarusian School of Chess took place at the premises of the sport complex "Olympiyskiy" in the centre of Minsk. The School has been running for four year. To date, it has more than 300 children 3-12 years old.

The National Olympic Committee has breathed new life into the development of the School. Spacious and cozy rooms, most modern chess equipment allow training in accordance with all international requirements as well as holding major tournaments for children and young people.
The ceremony was attended by the Aide to the Belarus President on Physical Training, Sport and Tourism, the First Vice-President of the NOC Maxim Ryzhenkov.
Afterwards, the quick chess tournament called "quick pawn 2016" was organized for children 6-8 years old. More than 50 young players participated in the competition, the grand prize of which was the annual free training at the School of Chess.
By decision of the board of management and coaching, starting from the current academic year, the School opens new department - FIDE Chess Academy, where children, who have repeatedly shown good results in city and country competitions, will be transferred to. Even though it is the private school, the gifted children will be taught at the Academy free of charge.
Maxim Ryzhenkov stressed that, judging by the organization and teaching staff, this is the best chess school in Belarus. And, according to the good old tradition, he made the first move on the first board, thus making the official start of the memorable tournament.

Wishing you all the best!

Anastasia Sorokina,
Director of the School, Woman International Master