Ilyumzhinov's visit to London

On May 23, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov arrived in London. FIDE President expressed his condolences to families of victims for the terrorist attack in Manchester and then visited the British Chess Academy, where he met with members of the children's chess teams.

Incidentally, one of these teams will play at the World Blitz Chess Championship in Minsk in the beginning of June, and for the first time in history, another one will take part in the international tournament "White Rook" in Sochi.

Moreover, Ilyumzhinov held negotiations on the setting up office of the charity foundation Kirsan Fund in England, which, among other things, will promote "Chess in schools project."
Likewise, head of FIDE received an invitation to give a lecture at the Naval Club on "Chess for peace" project within the framework of chess tournament.
Further, during the meeting with Ilyumzhinov, British businessmen proposed holding a match for the title of World Chess Champion in London which is scheduled for November 2018.