Ilyumzhinov opens the World Youth Chess Olympiad in Ulaanbaatar

The opening ceremony of the World Youth Chess Olympiad took place in the recently built and ultramodern shopping centre, ‘Hunnu Mall’ in the capital of Mongolia on 19th of August.
The official opening of this event included the President of FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the Head of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, Member of the State Great Hural, Sanzhmyatav Yadamsuren and the Minister of Sport and Health, Gankhuyag Shiilegdamba.
The anthems of FIDE and the host country were performed and the judges and players oaths were delivered.

Later, a magnificent concert revealed the rich Mongolian culture with dancing and music performed with traditional instruments.
After a live interview on national TV, the head of FIDE visited the home of the legendary Marshal Choibalsan. Mr Ilyumzhinov’s father, Mr Nikolai Dorzhinovich Ilyumzhinov, was presented with a Mongolian Golden Passport. Afterwards, there was a meeting with the State Oracle of Tibet, who was in Mongolia on a pastoral visit.
On August 20th, the FIDE President held talks with Ulan Bator’s Deputy Mayor Nyamaa. They discussed the possible allocation of land in the Mongolian capital, for the needs of the local chess federation.
It transpired that the previous Head of the Federation had already documented the chosen site, but it had been transferred to another body.  The Deputy Mayor instructed the immediate resolution of this issue. 
Afterwards, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov visited the venue of the Olympiad and was given a warm welcome by the former Secretary General of the International Chess Federation, Ignatius Leong, the Singapore team’s current youth coach. 
FIDE’s Head made the first move of the Olympiad, in the match: Mongolia vs Palau, then he watched with Sanzhmyatav Yadamsuren with great interest during the progress of the match.