President of FIDE at the opening of the Astana Open 2017 Chess Festival

Several days passed after the International Chess Festival Astana Open 2017, which has already become traditional, was completed. Among its numerous participants there were both old-timers and those who participated and visited Astana for the first time.

The main Russian chess traveller GM Vasily Papin tells us about the tournament in Astana. The beautiful southern city Alma Ata was the capital of Kazakhstan for many years. But times have changed and the legendary city of Tselinograd of the northern regional centre became the capital of Republic. It was renamed to Astana and presently acquired a new super modern image.

People of one hundred and thirty nationalities speak many languages ​​in Kazakhstan. But the chess language becomes the common one when people get together at chess events. Therefore, it was not by chance that the Central Chess Club appeared in Astana.
The official opening of the Club took place on the eve of the Festival that was attended by the most respectable guests. Among them, the most honourable was President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. There were many who wanted to fight with President but only one was lucky. However, all of them, both children and adults, had chance to be photographed in memory. President of FIDE received a super gift -- the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was handed to him by its author Zhandarbek Malibekov.
However, Kirsan Nikolaevich brilliantly paid his debt. He not only painted a wall with straight lines and black squares in the style of Malevich but clearly showed the meanings of a debut (quasi fantasy) and an idea (human thought in a logical chess form).
And then followed the solemn opening of the International Chess Festival Astana Open 2017, where the key roles were played by President of the Chess Federation of Astana Abram Tastambekov, Chairman of the Committee for Sport and Physical Education of Astana Elsiyar Kanagatov and Vice-President of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation Zhandos Abishev.