Chess will be taught at Ryazan "New horizons" children's centre

In Ryazan, the Children's Development Centre "New Horizons" is getting ready for opening. The finishing of walls, floors and ceilings is being carried out at full speed. The next step will be the installation of furniture and educational equipment. In addition, the educational literature and equipment, which are necessary for the full operation of the center, are being speedily purchased.

The official opening of the center is scheduled for September 1. Moreover, the children’s registration for training and familiarization classes is already under way. Children will be taught to play chess in the "New Horizons" centre.

Andrei Khadzhiev, a chess teacher, believes that "it is necessary to teach a child such an adult game without haste, otherwise you can overload children at the first lesson."
For example, he explains the rules for moving the pawn, king and other pieces to the 5-year-olds at the first lesson. And children can make chess opening and make "scholar’s mate" even at the second lesson.
"I'm teaching the elementary level of chess. That is, I aim is to interest children from the very beginning. It can be difficult for the child who sits down to play at the chessboard for the first time. Therefore, I should present chess as a game, "Andrei Khadzhiev said.
"Chess from scratch" according to authorial methodology of the teacher will soon be available in the children's development centre. 60 free places for children from large and low-income families are allocated in the first stage. The "Green Garden" company will finance it.
More than 600 children from one year to 18 years will be taught on a total area of almost 500 square meters.