Working meetings of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in South Korea

On November 21, FIDE President met with head of China-Republic of Korea Friendship Association Mr Khan Kyu Kim in the Association office in Seoul. The full name of the Association -- "21st Century Korea and China - Society of Leaders" -- says about the importance of these relations. It is led by former head of President Kim Young-sam administration, an experienced politician Mr Khan Kyu Kim.

It should be noted that Mr Kim, as chairman of Korean-Soviet friendship society, visited our country many times and together with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov made many efforts to establish diplomatic relations between the two countries. Mr Kim and President of FIDE exchanged views on the history of bilateral cooperation and assessed the current events of world politics.

On the same day, Ilyumzhinov held a meeting with President of Korea Chess Federation Ms Hyun In Suk. Ms Hyun told about her visit to the Russian Federation and talks with the heads of RSSU and Russian State University of Physical Education as well as plans to establish a chess faculty at her university in Gangwon Province, where the Winter Olympic Games will be held in February 2018.
Before the main sporting event, a tournament on chess and go will be held, which teams from all countries are invited to participate in. The talks were attended by KCF Member Mr Song Jin Woo. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov presented Ms Hyun In Suk a traditional Russian souvenir - matryoshka doll.
Then a meeting was held with Assistant Prime Minister of Korea on Political Affairs Mr Pyun Oh Nam. The problems of a peaceful resolution of the existing tensions on the Korean peninsula were discussed.
According to Mr Nam, one of the first steps to resolve the existing military threat could be organizing of a chess tournament between players of the two countries -- the DPRK and South Korea.