Mass chess seized Ukraine

A most interesting initiative was made by Ukrainian chess players. On 7 July, an unusual event was held in the central square of Kaniv, a city located in the Cherkasy province. The residents and guests of Kaniv took part in a new chess game, which they called "MASS CHESS".
Not only local residents who came to the square could join this game, but also anyone from different regions of Ukraine using on-line apps. Using their mobile phones or computers, players made moves and the move, which gained most votes, was automatically reproduced on a chessboard screen in the centre of Kaniv.

The participants were awarded points for each individual move coinciding with the "collective move" and points were taken off for missed moves and for spending more time thinking about the next move. Anyone can download the special chess application developed for this game to a phone or computer. Players and spectators on the square followed the course of events watching the screen displaying chessboard and pieces. An excellent intellectual show for mankind getting smarter every day!
According to the organizers, the new format of the game and the new rating system will allow us to reconsider the traditional systems for assessing the success of players and create a new rating table. It will also create more opportunities and motivation to play chess.
A huge interest in this game was shown by children who became the main driving force at the chessboards. Nobody expected chess to be so spectacular! Memorial photos and ice cream at the end of the game were unexpected and pleasant gifts for young chess fans.
Editorial note. The "MASS CHESS" project is a part of the larger "GEO-SOCIAL GAMES" project. We will write about it later. As the FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said: "We do not need a "golden billion", we need a billion chess players. A billion of smart people."