Battle is upcoming: #contest

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov wrote on Instagram: “A pretty countrywoman Aysa challenges me to play chess online using Instagram ... I accept the challenge). We will discuss details for the Instagram online match on Tuesday after my visit to Iran. Interestingly, a quarter of a century ago, I signed a decree on compulsory teaching of chess in Kalmykia schools. I wonder how schoolchildren of that time play today)”.

He added: “In connection with the upcoming chess match with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov to be held on December 14, Aysa placed a video message to new subscribers on her page.”

Who is Aysa from Kalmykia, compatriot of Kirsan Nikolayevich? We gathered a few facts about this beautiful and brave girl, which we would like to share with you, dear readers. Aysa - @happy_aysa – is a person who has tested herself in everything. She was a business woman, worked in an office and even tested herself as a waitress. Today, Aysa conquers Instagram with candid stories and honest reviews of online purchases. That’s what the omnipresent Internet tells about her.

“A distinctive feature of Aries is to reach their goal with maximum effort,” writes Aysa about herself. And #contest not an exception.

“When I challenged Kirsan Nikolayevich three months ago, I did it for fun, but this week I realized that I needed this match. We have a lot in common and the I can’t adjust myself to the fact that, after graduating from the school of journalism, I never used the knowledge acquired there. As an amateur chess player, I believe that every step in life should make sense. The purpose of this match is to communicate with a man who was FIDE president for 23 years and the head of Kalmykia for 17 years, who has a great life experience and is an interesting interlocutor,” Aysa wrote.

There were serious discussions of the upcoming chess battle with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on Aysa’s Instagram pages. Subscribers debate not only Aysa’s questions, but also the strategic course of the game.

We also look forward to learn how the events will unfold to immediately tell you about it.