Ilyumzhinov visited the World Cup final in Baku

October 4th FIDE President arrived in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. On this day there was played the 4th batch of the World Cup between Russians Peter Svidler and Sergey Karjakin.
The head of FIDE live communicated with the famous chess commentator Sergey Shipov, and answered the questions from the journalists. In particular, Ilyumzhinov said that the final match between Svidler and Karjakin is most dramatic in the history of the competition.
The first two games in the classical chess won Svidler from St. Petersburg. In the third match, he was close to success, but made a mistake and lost. Fourth meeting on Sunday won Muscovite Karjakin. After that, by even - 2: 2. Winner of the trophy will be determined today, October 5 in the tiebreak.

"All the time, while there was a party, I was in the audience. - said Ilyumzhinov. Two games in a row won Svidler. And yesterday, he had to win half a point, but he lost. And today Karjakin had to play only to win. The game was very interesting, and he won. Never before the final part of the World Cup were not so dramatic".
The head of FIDE said that such fights show the attractiveness of chess, and the "uncompromising attitude - players play not only for themselves, making the short" grandmaster "draws. They play at full strength, and give pleasure to millions of chess fans all over the world."
"In Azerbaijan now there are many major tournaments. For example, the World Cup. Next year Baku will host the World Competition. FIDE, the Commission is now in Baku, and works on the selection of premises and hotels, "- said Ilyumzhinov.