Moscow holds Kalmykia art and culture days

From 10 to 13 March, Moscow will hold Kalmykia art and culture days as part of celebration of the 100th anniversary of Kalmyk Autonomy. The programme includes “The Way of My Kalmykia” show and a historical and ethnographic exhibition “Kalmykia. From the past to the future”. Also, a mobile art exhibition “And Kalmyk, a steppes’ friend” (Pushkin’s verse- Ed.) will be held. National and state institutions of culture and art of Kalmykia will take part in preparation and conduct of events. This includes the Baatr Basangov Drama Theatre, Anton Amur-Sanan Library, Nikolai Palmov Museum, Archives of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Tulip” Academic Song and Dance Ensemble, Oirat Dance Theatre, Symphony Orchestra, Anatoly Tsebekov Choir, Folk Instruments Orchestra as well as children groups: “Tulip”, “Gerel”, “Merry-go-round” and “Freckles”.

The culmination of the anniversary events - the celebration in the State Kremlin Palace was held on 10 March. 

A mobile art exhibition “And Kalmyk, a steppes’ friend” will open at the Victory Museum in Moscow. The exhibition includes works by several generations of Kalmyk artists in various genres and styles.
Thus, residents and guests of Moscow will have a unique opportunity to get all the information about the history, culture and traditions of the Kalmyk people in all their ethnic diversity and to feel the free spirit of the nomadic people, the breath of the wind and aroma of the Kalmyk steppes.