Pushkin’s descendant born in the EU applies for Russian citizenship

The descendant of Pushkin and the Kalmyk princes of the Tundutov is trying to get the opportunity to live in the homeland of his ancestors. Serge Grevenitz, although born in Europe, has a Russian soul and filed a request for Russian citizenship. Now he is learning to speak Russian and getting ready to take an exam. He has already found the house to make it a family nest.

As we recall from the lessons of literature, Pushkin was stuck in Boldino at the end of 1830 due to the cholera epidemic. It resulted in writing “Boldinskaya Autumn”, which is considered to be the peak of his creativity. His descendant Baron Serge came from Paris to Elista, lived there without a break since March, was greeted with love and honour by all, and realized that there was no need to leave, that the Kalmyk spring should turn into summer, autumn and winter.


“I would like to obtain Russian citizenship, so I wrote a letter to President Putin. All members of my family already have the Russian passports. I wrote a letter to the president and received confirmation from Moscow that it was received,” said Baron Serge Grevenitz.

Serge was born in Brussels, studied in Liege, lived in Paris. 25 years ago, his father, Alexander Grevenitz, received a Russian passport and moved to Kalmykia. The father’s company is engaged in building affordable housing in Volgograd. The father called for his son to join him in the geographical, business and spiritual expanses of Russia.
“When I come to Kalmykia, I feel at home. I feel better here. But in Europe I have a feeling that nobody needs me there, nobody knows me, nobody cares about me. In Kalmykia, it’s completely different,” said Serge Grevenitz.