Beth Harmon’s doppelganger appeared in Russia and her name was Alisa Selezneva

A girl with phenomenal abilities, including chess, appeared long before Beth Harmon. Moreover, “our” hero was ahead of the American one both in cinema and in literature.

Alisa Selezneva was invented by the science fiction writer Kir Bulychev in the 1960s, and in 1984 a 5-episode television film "Guest from the Future" was shot at the Gorky Film Studio. It was loved by many whose childhood fell on the 80s - 90s.
12-year-old Alisa knew how to play chess well. A session of simultaneous game with the participation of the girl was written in the script of the film, but it did not get into the final version.

You can find a video on YouTube of what such a session would look like. Vitaly Dubogrey conducted a serious analysis based on the literary version of the director's script and Bulychev's book “One Hundred Years Ahead” and tried to recreate the session. Here's what came of it:

A grandmaster came to the school to conduct a session of the simultaneous game with the schoolchildren. Radner Muratov played the grandmaster, whom we all remember as Vasily Alibabaevich from Gentlemen of Fortune.
All comers (chess players and fans) gathered in the assembly hall. When all took their seats, it turned out that one seat was free - a participant got sick.
Alice at first refuses to participate, but the students persuade her. The decisive thing is that Kolya Sulima will participate, with whom Alisa really wants to talk. The grandmaster started the game. The fans stand behind the strongest players. Most of them gathered at Kolya Sulima, who is sitting next to Alice. Players are dropping out.
Alice, of course, wins.
Before 2084, from which Alice moved by the time machine, very little time left. Before returning back to the future, the girl told us what awaits us in it.
Alisa Selezneva feels great, as does Natalya Guseva, who played her. True, Guseva's cinematic fate did not work out: after "Guest from the Future" she starred in three more completely invisible films, after which she left her acting career. After graduating from school, she entered the Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies and started to practice in biochemistry.
It is unlikely that something like this is awaiting Anya Taylor-Joy, whose finest hour came when she turned 24. Most likely, we will still see her in the role of Beth Harmon in the second season of the acclaimed series.