Ilyumzhinov held a press conference in Moscow

"I am ready to come to Washington to meet with representatives of the US Treasury. If they have questions - answer them, to explain the situation, "- said the president of FIDE December 8 at a press conference in Moscow. He said that so far not received any official documents from the American authorities, and sent them a request because he wants to appeal to the court. "Before that, I was several times in the United States if they had questions they could ask them. I do not hide from anyone,"- said the head of FIDE.

However, Ilyumzhinov, for which the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions, can come to this country, but has no right to carry out financial transactions.
"I have a two-year visa. I have the right to enter to the United States, but then I have no right to make commodity-money relations. Arriving at the airport in Washington, I can not reach (if only to walk) to the Ministry of Finance, I can not stay in a hotel, I can not go to a restaurant and do anything to pay, "- said the head of FIDE.
He noted that the US authorities have promised him to issue a license for a period of two weeks to discuss the situation. At the same time, the FIDE President in connection with the restrictive measures by the United States relinquished his financial powers of head of the organization - until the next meeting of the presidential Board FIDE.
"Financial authority I passed the 1st vice-president of FIDE Georgios Makropoulos. I remain president, but to sign the financial documents I can not ", - stated Ilyumzhinov.
According to him, the separation of powers will remain at least until the next meeting of the Presidential Council, which will take place in March 2016 in Moscow and Lviv. Incidentally, Ilyumzhinov said that does not see a direct link between the sanctions imposed on him and the opportunity to participate in the fight for the presidency of FIFA.
"World Federation of Football shaken by crises, scandals. Several people were arrested. I was asked to be a candidate. Of course, I'll think about where the pros-cons. If we believe that we have enough power, we will fight for the post. And so, I have not taken a decision, because it just ended FIDE Congress, and I need to consult with colleagues and friends, "- said Ilyumzhinov.
The head of FIDE denies business ties with the Syrian authorities and the business - in particular with the businessman George Hasvani against whom sanctions are also introduced:
"The documents of the US Treasury says that we Hasvani since 1997 various companies and structures. But I have not any commercial relations with the citizens of Syria  - neither the physical nor legal entities".
"A week ago it was reported that I have relations with the two members of the Central Bank of CAP came under sanctions. One citizen - I have never in my life did not see her, and do not even know what she looks like, "- said Ilyumzhinov.
He said that the second man is the head of the bank, and Ilyumzhinov met with him several times. At the same time, the latest meeting took place during the working visit of the head of FIDE to Damascus:
"I visit many countries of the world, I meet with leaders, government officials, heads of governments and parliaments. During the meeting the head of the bank CAP asked me, knowing that I was going to fly to Paris on the program "Chess in Schools" for help in a situation with his daughter, who harassed at school in France".
During the talks with the leaders of France, at the Elysee Palace, Ilyumzhinov asked one of the leaders of the government to assist in solving the problem of girls experienced harassment because of her father-Syrian:
"Within 2-3 months, the problem was resolved. Later, the Syrian citizen appealed to the court of France on the protection of honor and dignity, because the US Treasury has made it to the sanctions list. He won the case, and last year was able to visit France for Christmas to be with family. That's because these contacts with representatives of the government of Syria and I have made to the sanctions list, with which I strongly disagree and I want to request explanations from the staff of the Ministry of the Treasury". In addition, Ilyumzhinov denies business relationship bank "Russian financial alliance" with Syrian nationals or organizations: "I've got a share of ownership - 18%, Dr. Khoury - no interest, he is chairman of the board of directors. No accounts of Syrian citizens, Syria's relations with the banks at this bank is not, it is easy to check".
Ilyumzhinov said that its inclusion in the sanctions list was the reason for freezing the transaction for the purchase of "Togliattiazot": "The company's shareholders are US citizens, and, as I signed the paper as the Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the lawyers advised my authority as a president of the plant, and our relationship to suspend financial and commercial. So I want to go to court to protect the honor, dignity and business reputation, because it is making the sanctions list was the reason for the failure of the transaction".
Asked to comment on the statement by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the oil trade to LIH involved a famous Russian chess player, Ilyumzhinov denied the allegations:
"I do not have anything to trade in petroleum products in the territory of the Republic of Turkey and some other countries. I have no idea who Erdogan was referring to. He knows my name. We have repeatedly met him in Istanbul and Ankara. In 2012, we met at the holding Chess Olympiad in Istanbul. If he calls me, I'll go to court to protect the honor and dignity".