Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: the watchman shows the way

To be first president of Kalmykia and the head of FIDE was born into the family of an employee of the Elista city committee of the CPSU, and he studied at MGIMO after the army. As Kirsan Nikolayevich himself assured, it was in this "university of toffs" that the idea of ​​how to earn the first million came to him. Rather, a hint was given to him by the hostel watchman aunt Masha, who told the student Ilyumzhinov that the Mitsubishi company was looking for specialists with knowledge of Japanese in the USSR.

With languages, including Japanese, he was all right. And he decided to take the tests. And a week later he became the manager of the Mitsubishi division! With a salary of $ 300, but a good percentage of every car sold.
And that’s how it started. Good fees, new connections. In the autumn of 1990, Ilyumzhinov became the number one car dealer for the Korean cars in the USSR.
The future head of Kalmykia turned out to be such an excellent manager that he received a million dollars by the new year. Cash. As Ilyumzhinov himself recalled, he carried the money home "in a big and fat briefcase."


A couple of years later, Ilyumzhinov went into politics, and became the youngest of the presidents of the Russian republics (he ruled Kalmykia for 17 years). Then he headed the World Chess Federation. He played chess with Gaddafi, built City Chess and the Central Buddhist Temple in Elista, where the relics of Buddha are kept. He was the president of the Uralan football club.

Now politics is only fifty-nine years old. Today, Ilyumzhinov is doing business in Moscow and he is quite well.