A monk from China has been saving animals for nearly 30 years. Now he has 8000 of them.

A 53-year-old monk named Zhixiang lives at the Baoen Buddhist Temple in Shanghai, China. For 27 years now, he has been saving homeless and sick animals: cats, dogs, chickens, geese and even peacocks totalling about 8,000.

According to Zhixiang, it all started in 1994, when he found a cat run by a car on the road. The man took it to the temple and cured it. Then the monk decided that the salvation of the four-legged friends was his mission. Since then, he has been constantly helping stray and sick cats, dogs and even birds. In the end, the number of inhabitants grew to 8,000 (he has over 5,000 dogs alone), and the man had to rent a separate building for them.
“I kept animals in the temple, but then I realized that there was not enough room for them. Therefore, I rented a shelter in Dagang in 2019, says Zhixiang. "There are seven people watching the animals there."
By the way, until 2017, Zhixiang refused financial assistance and accepted only food as donations. Now, his own savings are not enough to care for the animals: keeping 8,000 pets costs him 264,000 roubles (converted from the yuan) a month.

“Sometimes parishioners do not understand why I am doing this. Maybe they think monks should sit in the temple around the clock and chant the scriptures, Zhixiang says. “But Buddha tells us to save lives, because all lives are equal. I'm trying my best. "

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's comment: “I think this is true humanism and another proof that all on Earth have the right to life. Of course, we need to help not only people, but also our four-legged friends. I always remember Archbishop Zosima, the time when he was still serving in Kalmykia. He kept many dogs and cats on the territory of an Orthodox church. People brought them to him, and sometimes he himself picked them up from the street. He fed, treated and looked after each of them..."