Ilyumzhinov met with Lukashenko

December 18 at a meeting in Minsk, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who was in Belarus with a private visit, and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko reached an agreement to hold regular chess tournaments in the capital of Belarus.
In particular, next year will be held in Minsk FIDE Grand Prix among women, as well as the Women's World Championship knock-out system where the 64 strongest chess players from 50 countries will compete for the championship title. Roughly the tournament will be held in November 2016.

"We are not a shame for this intellectual sport (although it is difficult to say the sport that or any art, perhaps, that, and another), because in Belarus, we try to support it, not only to build capacity but also to develop it", - said the head of state.
At the same time, Lukashenko noted with regret that if children and young people achieve high results in international tournaments, the adult is not obtained. "So it's - our challenge" - said the Belarusian leader.
Lukashenko stressed that Belarus is ready to help FIDE plans to carry out activities in the country: "The government is always ready to lend a shoulder, so finally the adults have begun to give good results in a very important sport".
"I think you will frankly say that we do not have, what we can do ourselves, and that together, perhaps with your support, in Belarus", - adressed Lukashenko to Ilyumzhinov.
In turn, Ilyumzhinov said that the holding of major tournaments in Minsk would be beneficial for the support and development of Belarusian players.
"On the one hand, this development and popularization of chess. And on the other - help professional players, the ability to achieve high awards and titles, "- said the head of FIDE.
Ilyumzhinov thanked the President for organizing the European Championship in rapid chess and blitz in Minsk, which was held December 18-20 - with the participation of about 1 thousand players from 31 countries. And invited Lukashenko to visit the championship game.
Among other things, discussed at the meeting was to build a new office complex in Minsk, which will house a branch of the FIDE and Chess Federation of Belarus. 
Ilyumzhinov and Lukashenko agreed that in 2016 Belarus will start the implementation of the program "Chess in Schools" on an optional basis. The International Chess Federation will assist in the training of trainers, workshops and master classes, as well as teaching aids. Ilyumzhinov assured that he intends to personally visit one of the first lessons and to conduct a master class for teachers and principals.
In addition, the parties have agreed that the National Olympic Committee of Belarus will support the FIDE chess on the inclusion in the program of the Olympic Winter Games.
Then Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has held talks with Vice President of the NOC of Belarus Maxim Ryzhenkov. Then the President visited the European Championship FIDE Blitz, and was made an honorary guest of the School Chess Anastasia Sorokina.