His Holiness the Dalai Lama address the virtual audience during his online conversation on Unified Consciousness: One Mind, One Heart

On December 1, His Holiness took part the online conversation on Unified Consciousness: One Mind, One Heart with his long-time friend Father Lawrence Freeman, Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation.
Father Lawrence Freeman mentioned that he had been looking again at His Holiness’s book, ‘The Good Heart’, that was written as a result of their meeting in London in 1996.
“Now, everybody, even animals, wants peace,” His Holiness declared. “When we’re born, we receive our mother’s maximum affection, without which we would not survive. That’s how life begins. We human beings are social animals, naturally concerned about the welfare of others. That’s part of our nature.

“Unfortunately, in more modern times we have seen greater emphasis on developing the human intellect, but not enough on cultivating a warm heart. Although it’s human nature to be compassionate, the last century saw too much fighting. However, most people now are fed up with violence. Many see that too much money is spent on weapons, whereas to be more peaceful we should be aiming for a demilitarized world."
“In today’s reality, we can no longer concern ourselves only with ‘my country’ or ‘my continent’. We live in a global economy beyond national boundaries. Therefore, we need to think in terms of the oneness of humanity.
I often point out that in the last century Mahatma Gandhi promoted ‘ahimsa’ in terms of non-violence and many people around the world followed his example. Today, we must make every effort to encourage another Indian tradition that is thousands of years old— ‘karuna’ or compassion. Christianity, like other religions, emphasizes the importance of loving-kindness. The reason you give is that we are all created by one God. We are all the children of God, who is by nature infinite love, therefore, we too, should be warm-hearted towards others.”
Father Laurence concluded: “Your blessing is a great source of strength for us as we open to the world. We ask you to keep us in your heart, as we keep you in ours. We pray that you remain in good health so your smile continues to illuminate the world. Thank you for all you’ve taught us over the years of our friendship.”