Our website readers and Instagram followers’ reviews on Ilyumzhinov’s post and video about retreat

There are a lot of letters and responses from the readers and followers about Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's article on retreat in our mail and on his Instagram page. Here are just a few of them:

“I still remember the best Presidents of Russian regions, whose names were known abroad better than the names of federal politicians. This is you, our Ruslan Aushev, Shaimiev, Fedorov and others. Thank you for visiting our regions. We are proud of you. Happiness to you and your families!!!"
“Yes, you are the only person who made Elista beautiful in our national style. You built our spiritual treasure - our Khurul; you raised our self-awareness of the ancient Oirats and, of course, left an outstanding mark on the history of our Kalmykia. Uralan halmgud!!!!!!"
“Dear Kirsan Nikolaevich! Good evening! Many thanks for the information from Lhasa! I wish you health, prosperity, luck and success! Sincerely yours, E. Pashnanov."
“I am sincerely happy for Kirsan! I rejoice with the Sangha. Well done Kirsan. You are on the right Path. A practicing follower of Buddha means a lot! I wish you happiness, calmness and speedy realization on the Path of the Three Jewels."

“He was born 'near the shoulders of Buddha.' Those in power will always be supportive of him, but he himself is independent. His extraordinary mind allows him to always go his own way. He has two ancestral menge, which means that in a past life he had such an ancestry that it allows him to have all the blessings and, most importantly, enormous inner strength now. He has so much of this strength that he can even occasionally harm himself. Such a person speaks gently, but he can be very tough inside. His deity is Vajrapani (Ochir-Vani)."

“Thank you for your kind words and wishes! I wish all of you good health and mental strength," Kirsan Ilyumzhinov replied to his readers and subscribers.