115 ancient Buddhist tankas found in Buryatia

115 ancient Buddhist tankas were found in Buryatia. They were found inside 37 frames with images of deities during renovation works in the workshop. An amazing find was reported by the Ivolginsky datsan.

In the summer and autumn of 2021, Sahyuusan dugan was restored in the datsan. All the statues and tankas from the altar and walls were moved to another temple. After the renovation, when the images were to be returned to their original place, the lamas decided to renew the old wooden frames as well. These tanka depict various moments from the life of Buddha Shakyamuni, 16 arhats and other deities.
Lama Zhargal Gomboev took 37 tankas to the Gioconda frame shop. The next day, he decided to bring his personal tanka there to also change its frame. The owners of the workshop joyfully greeted the lama and they promised to show him something interesting.
It turned out that the day before, when Vladimir Timofeev (the founder of the workshop - Ed. note) began to open the old frames, three of them turned out to be “with a secret”: inside there was not a single tanka but about 30. This was reported in the press service of the Ivolginsky datsan. 

The clergy examined each tanka and bars (fabrics with prints). They turned out to be different in format and made by different authors. According to preliminary estimates, these tankas were made around the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. Lamas and the owners of the workshop together counted the images - they turned out to be 115. Who and how laid them there remains unknown.
It has not yet been decided where and how the acquired tanks will be placed in the Ivolginsky datsan. Perhaps some of them will appear on the walls of the new cathedral church being built.