Gordey Kolesov Justifies the Confidence of the President of FIDE

The world famous Russian prodigy Gordey Kolesov once again amazed the world community, showing one of the best results in the world of chess among young players.

The seven years boy took part in the All-China qualifying chess tournament for the title of Candidate Master of Sports that was held in the city of Zhuhai. At the age of seven years five months and 15 days he fulfilled the required standards for the title of the Candidate Master of Sports (CCM) in chess.

Gordey became the youngest chess player who received CCM. Now he has a new challenge - he will participate in China's Chess Championship in the category of up to eight years in the middle of February. At the same time, the boy was the only foreigner allowed to participate in the Championship.
Gordey’ chess talent was appreciated by the top-ranked masters of this highly intellectual sport. The President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was the first to pay attention to the boy, calling him a ‘little Buddha of the chess world’. The results show that Gordey fully justifies the confidence of Kirsan Nikolaevich.
Despite such a young age, the boy already speaks five languages, plays guitar, is one of the youngest speedcubers (the masters of solving the Rubik's cube) on the planet and the youngest Russian mentioned in Wikipedia.
He also took part in the recording of the New Year celebration programme dedicated to the Chinese New Year. The video captured the victory of the Russian prodigy in the ‘Talent Show’ on CCTV-1 channel became the internet hit.
It is worth reminding that Gordey Kolesov was born in Moscow, and was brought to Guangzhou in China at the age of two months’. His father, Yevgeny Kolesov owes the company Optim Consult, specializing in the wholesale supply of goods and equipment in this megapolis. Despite his constantly stirring life he finds time to engage with his son and help him to improve his skills.