The head of FIDE closes the FIDE Interior Troops Chess Championship

The final of the Chess Championship of the Interior Troops of Russia in the special purpose command location took place in Balashikha on 25th of March. The closing ceremony was attended by FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the First Deputy Interior Minister, Commander of Interior Troops General Viktor Zolotov.
The winners of the tournament were the international GM Ilya Ilyushenok and the team of the Central Territorial Command. All the winners as well as the players who won the fourth to sixth places received awards from the hands of the President of FIDE.

In addition, the results of the competition on solving chess puzzles and compositions for the prizes of the head of FIDE were announced. During the year, the competition was held in departmental media in two categories: adults and children of the military.
Toward the close of the ceremony, the Commander of Interior Troops awarded Ilyumzhinov with diploma and еру cold steel arms for the development of chess among the personnel of the Interior Troops