Ilyumzhinov clarifies his relations with Obama

Biography of ex-President of Kalmykia - Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has always been rich in events. It is impossible not to mention his contacts with extra-terrestrial civilizations. At one time it was the top leading media news in Russia, and so far it is still there.

This is not surprising because thousands of people have also claimed the meetings with the aliens. However, they all were just the ordinary people, while it that case, it was the head of the Republic, the person, whose decisions were most important. And so, it turned out to be a front-pager. And we can only guess what had happened there, in the apartment of the leader of Kalmykia in the autumn of '97.

Kirsan Nikolayevich is no longer the head of his native republic, but it has no effect on his fascinating career. However, Kalmykia is no longer in the news. It shook the media world owing to his outstanding leader, but there is rarely any news about it these days.
The current President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has turned his attention to America today. Washington literally haunts the Russian politician. And he responds in his inimitable style.
This story dates back to the end of 2015. The US Treasury Department announced that Ilyumzhinov was included in the sanctions list on November 25. The official reason for this decision was his connections with the former head of the Central Bank of Syria Adib Mayaleh, whom the West did not like for a long time.
The US imposed restrictions on Ilyumzhinov are not very severe. He is prohibited to sign contracts in the United States and hold more than 50% of the shares of US companies only. However, the situation got tenser later. Reuters reported that Washington suspected the head of FIDE of the purchase of crude oil from ISIS (the terrorist organization banned in Russia). Moreover, the ‘black gold’ was allegedly bought from the terrorists for the benefit of the Syrian authorities. Such an artful combination perfectly matches the skills of the outstanding chess player.
Ilyumzhinov, initially, did not react demonstratively to the actions of America. He simply denied the accusations. But after a while he lost his temper. He decided to initiate legal proceedings against the US Treasury. This was announced in the end of May this year. Ilyumzhinov said that he was absolutely not guilty, and therefore was forced to defend his honour and dignity.
"I'm suing the US Government and to be more exact, the US treasury. I agreed to undergo the lie detector test and I wrote to Director of the FBI asking him to invite me to Washington: I will answer all polygraph questions to prove that I did not cause any harm to the United States," said the plaintiff.
According to Kirsan Nikolayevich, he is accused of his contacts with the Syrian President Bashar Assad and his entourage, however, these all those contacts concerned sports only. "I presented them with chess sets," ironically commented the Russian politician.
What does Ilyumzhinov want from his pursuers? Firstly, the complete lifting of sanctions. And it is not because his business activities are focused in the US but for the sake of justice. Secondly, he is demanding an apology. There is another item that the plaintiff claims: moral damages. "I want the truth and demand $ 50 billion as compensation," he explained.
Afterwards there was a small lull. However, the story has continued in August. FIDE President has got an entry visa to the United States and bought a ticket on a flight to New York. When he was in Sheremetyevo and successfully passed the passport control, he was suddenly approached by the airline personnel, who said: "Mr. Ilyumzhinov, you are not welcome to the United States."
The politician was not allowed to fly. However, he was going to the US to hold a series of meetings and discussions with the staff of the US Treasury and other authorities. It is worth saying that the entry ban was not mentioned as one of the restrictions imposed on the head of FIDE. This was sort of improvisation, which served as a response to the doings of Ilyumzhinov.
This new attack could not force Kirsan Nikolayevich to lay down his arms. In early September, he said that he has asked Barack Obama to grant him the US citizenship, and even invited the outgoing President of the USA to the upcoming World Chess Championship. According to him, by doing so he wants to circumvent the legal restriction that does not allow foreigners to sue the Government of the aforesaid country. Later it became known that his request would be considered. However, no more refinements have been reported.
Meanwhile, the date of the Match for the title of the Chess World Champion is approaching. It will be held in New York November 11 to 30. The question is where would be the head of FIDE at the time of Match? A rhetorical question, which should be answered by Washington.
Russia also awaits the results of the championship. The Russian Sergey Karjakin will contest the title of The Champion with Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. Thus, it happens that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov would not be able to take part in this event. There are fears that the US would not grant him a visa. However, he would probably still get a limited visa, but he would have to report on his travels that took place for the past 16 years. Ilyumzhinov told in an interview with the BBC about the way he copes with difficulties. He did not give up the idea of getting the US citizenship. He pursues the one and only goal: "Let the American judges, who would try me to be governed by American laws on American soil."
Kirsan Nikolaevich states that he would welcome any verdict – either imprisonment for a term of 50 years or a death penalty. "If they would prove that I am guilty, let them send me to jail for 10 to 50 years; I am ready even to go to the electric chair," said Ilyumzhinov. When asked by journalists, he said he would accept a death penalty if "They find me guilty of presenting the Syrian children with a thousand chess boards and holding the chess tournament for children from Aleppo and Damascus."
It is difficult to say what kind of development will get the story of conflict between Washington and the former head of Kalmykia. But the Russian tries hard that, in general, is characteristic of him. Despite the fact that there is a certain amount of humour in all this, it is impossible not to recognize the symbolical efforts of Ilyumzhinov. He responds to the absurd decisions of US politicians in a similar manner but with much more charm.