Tulsi Gabbard against the mainstream

On February 7, one of the leaders of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives of the US Congress – 78 years old Maxine Waters – got so inflamed while making a diatribe against the President so that she accused Donald Trump of "wrapping his arms around Putin as Russia continues advance into Korea."

This slip of the tongue is shocking not only because Waters mixed Korea, Syria, and, apparently, the Crimea, but due to the fact that neither herself nor the audience were bothered by such an error. In fact, over the last hundred years (and maybe more), owing to the efforts of propagandists, Americans are totally brainwashed: the only right point of view is the one that was approved by authorities. All the rest are details, which should not bother a layman.

At the same time, the average American is uninterested in the outside world to such extreme that, in August 2008, after watching the news from South Ossetia the residents of Georgia called police and 911 over and over again, pleading to save them from the terrible Russian tanks.
The inhabitants of the United States did not improve their knowledge of geopolitics over the past few years. This was clearly confirmed by the experiment carried out by the crew of TV channel RT, who investigated the views of New Yorkers about the threat to independence of Kyrgbekistan. The majority of respondents strongly condemned "Russian aggression" and expressed their willingness to lend a helping hand to the "victims" without even asking where actually was located that invented by reporters country?
The more surprising was the act of another congressman Tulsi Gabbard, who risked opposing the mainstream. Unlike her precocious militant colleague, she did not indiscriminately condemn "infringing upon the human rights the Assad regime" basing on reporting and talk shows only. Not only she went to Syria, where she met with Bashar al-Assad and common Syrians, but after return, she took part in a live CNN broadcast, having completely broken the scenario of the show.
Ignoring the shocked face of TV hostess Gabbard said: "Whatever you think of Assad, the fact is, he is the President of Syria. In order for any peace agreement, there has to be a conversation with him." She added: "The main thing for me is to stop the war."
Such talk from the lips of a senior politician is unusual not only for Americans, but also for walking in the footsteps of the US State Department the residents of the satellite countries. However there is nothing new for those who are not brainwashed by CNN-Hollywood propaganda. The Russian politician and businessman, President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov have been arguing exactly the same thing in different circumstances for quite a long time.
Visiting on business about a hundred countries each year, Ilyumzhinov does not only promote chess and other mind games as "the best way to train the muscles of the brain" (as jokingly said Einstein). He actively supports negotiations, mutual understanding and a peaceful way of solving conflicts. His demonstrative chess games with Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad has become a byword.
Ilyumzhinov's opponents – for example, the same Garry Kasparov – are constantly trying to present those chess games as an example of "links connecting the head of FIDE with tyrants and dictators." However, they fail to see that those games should have drawn the world's attention to the sanity of subjected to foreign aggression heads of states and serve as a reason for the peaceful settlement of the conflicts.
Even fewer recall the similar, but not as high-profile actions that served the same purpose. Such as, for example, the planned children's chess tournament between young players of North and South Korea on the border between the two countries. Or else the recently announced by the President of Moldova Igor Dodon chess tournament between Moldova and the unrecognized Transnistria republic in Tiraspol, which will also be held under the auspices of FIDE head.
However, the picture of the world painted by the US State Department and the media controlled by it twists the objectives pursued by Ilyumzhinov beyond recognition like a distorting mirror. That resulted in scandalous sanctions imposed on him by the US Treasury one year prior to the match for the title of World Chess Champion that was held in New York in November 2016. I think it was the first such event in the history of FIDE, which took place in the absence of the head of the federation.
However, let us go back to Tulsi Gabbard and her politically incorrect in terms of official ideology statements. If she was a marginal and less significant figure, it would not be a problem. But the fact is that Tulsi is a young, promising politician with almost ideal for the standard "American Dream" biography.
A native of the far Pacific province (American Samoa), she was professionally engaged in politics for about 21 years showing good results. In 2004, Tulsi suddenly gave up a brilliant career to join the US Army as part of a medical regiment; she joined the Iraq campaign and police missions in Qatar and Kuwait. Incidentally, Gabbard was made Major of the National Guard. She also confesses Hinduism and is a vegan as a result.
Gabbard formulates her stance as follows: "to work for the wellbeing of others and our planet." Well, how could anyone argue with her after disclosure of such source data! At another time, they might have sent the stubborn one to her place of birth, where she would quietly rebel in obscurity, like Bobby Fischer in Iceland. However, times have changed now.
It is worth mentioning that the recent statements of Gabbard became the loudest but not the first ones made by her. As far as in November 2015, she expressed doubts about the US leadership’s actions against Syria. And such consistency brings her closer not only to Ilyumzhinov but also to the new President of the country. So much so that until recently there were persistent rumours that Trump might put forward her candidacy for the post of the Secretary of State.
In any case, comparing these three definitely different politicians, one cannot help but notice something in common among them. All three are a thorn in the side of that part of the world elite, which continuously has been imposing a model of a unipolar world order based on the political, economic and US military hegemony.
And all three have successfully overcome the resistance of the transnational propaganda apparatus: they refuse to be the marginalized and driven to the margins of the world politics. (Incidentally, speaking about the lawsuit of Ilyumzhinov – who did not agree to sanctions – against the US Treasury: the powerful institution runs from the accused by it politician as the devil from holy water).
It is impossible to clinically explain such unsinkable stability by intrigues of "Russian hackers" or the mythical "Putin's billions", which would bribe everyone and everything. The explanation is the only one.
Many people implicitly feel the recent accumulated falseness and injustice in the world order. They are tired of hearing the false words about "freedom" and "human rights", which cover the outrage terrorism of Western aggressors, genocide and carpet "humanitarian bombing".
People are tired of segregation, the artificial division into "right" and "wrong", of the violent "democratization" and "tolerance." They demand truth and justice. They want peace. And, while this is so, the politicians who tell the truth and defend peace on Earth will be stronger than the semi-official propaganda and united by mutual responsibility establishment.

Maria Zelenodolskaya