Chess in Russia

On 1 of September 2018, chess lessons for younger school children were introduced in all schools of Russia. They are conducted either instead of the third physical education class, or after the main lessons.

In an interview with RT the sixth FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov explained how such lessons are useful: “... progress has risen by 40%. Children began to learn better in other subjects and win prizes at Olympiads. Chess allows you to develop not only logic, but also creativity and imagination, because both hemispheres of the brain work.”


New subjects enter the school curriculums all around the world. Thus, lessons of life happiness are introduced in Germany, emotional education is taught in Spain and nature lessons in Japan. Artificial intelligence is taught in China. They teach the theory and practice of cyberwars in Israel. The Forest School is gaining popularity In the UK. Scientific discoveries are being studied in the USA. Surfing lessons are introduced in Australia.

And in Russia we have chess lessons. We think this is great!