So said Ilyumzhinov

Tomorrow, 5 April, Kirsan Nikolayevich will celebrate his birthday. It is not common to congratulate in advance, so we would not do it. However, it was today that the entire editorial office recalled Ilyumzhinov's catchphrases. We present some of them to our readers.

“There are no accidents in politics. Thus, the shown or told part of the truth, and not the complete truth, is a sophisticated form of lies.”


"A person has everything that he wants from life, and if he does not have it, then he does not want it enough."

“There is a state of mind called an arrow pose. The bow is stretched; the archer is focused and no longer sees or feel anything except for the goal. Thunder crashes over his head, lightning strikes alongside – no matter what he would not stir. There are only you and your goal. You merge with the goal, you become one with it, and then the arrow shot by you hits the bull's eye.”
“Things and money do not cost anything on their own. Our opinion and our assessment of these things are the real values.”
“I used to wonder why there are 64 cells on a chessboard. After scientists have deciphered the genetic DNA code, they found out that there are 64 codons in it. I think that this is not an accident.”
“At some press conference, I was asked what were my favourites in music and literature. I called “How the steel was tempered” by Ostrovsky and “White Roses” by Affectionate May, although everyone expected that I would call Dostoevsky and Tchaikovsky”.
“Think first, and then make a move, step and deed. This is the principle of chess. If more people on the planet play chess, the number of wrong decisions made will radically decrease. ”
"Wealth is not measured in money. In our life, wealth, most likely, is measured in friends and the work that you do."
“It does not matter to the universe whether mankind will survive on this particular Earth or in this particular Universe: somewhere it will continue to flourish, somewhere it will learn to live in peace and harmony. However, I somehow am not very happy with the vague "somewhere."
“A person of goodwill is a person who thinks. A person who is able to calculate what is happening and choose a line of conduct that will lead to a common good. A person who has enough willpower to make a free choice in favour of all humanity instead of the selfish “want.”
“In the third millennium, the leading countries will be those that are first to proclaim and accept the ideas of vitacracy - the human right to a decent life and all-round development.”