“Unknown prophecies of Vanga” about faith and humanity

On 25 May, Andrei Malakhov’s show “Hello, Andrei!” was dedicated to the famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga. And if you, dear readers, did not have time to watch this show, it does not matter, we put it on our website. Why did we do it? There are several reasons.

The weekly talk show "Hello, Andrei" attracts audience by interesting topics and meetings, but its latest release named "Unknown Prophecies of Vanga" has become something special.

It was not only due to the sensational predictions and revelations of the soothsayer, but also because recalling Vanga, the participants spoke about the most intimate feelings and experiences and made us think about the transience of life, faith, mutual assistance and the importance of human communication.
There are many legends and rumours about the life of a famous clairvoyant. Today, the name of Vanga has become a well-known brand. There are many Vanga’s prophesies, which, according to knowledgeable people, she never made. How would you check it out? How to separate the truth from the myths? Someone says that she predicted events in the Crimea: “it will sail off one coast and join another”. Others cite the prophecy of the "glory of Vladimir", while others comment on the prophecies of a third world war. Were they true or not? Malakhov’s show wasn’t about Vanga’s predictions; it concentrated on spirituality, faith and humanity.
One of the guests of the show was the first president of Kalmykia, the sixth president of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who was part of Vanga’s inner circle. He was tied with the famous prophetess by the warmest and friendliest relations.
Incidentally, the rare footage from the new documentary “Confession of Vanga”, filmed on the initiative of Ilyumzhinov, was part of the show. Kirsan Nikolayevich brought a gift from Vanga to the studio and told how he got it. During one of the last meetings with the clairvoyant, shortly before her death, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was thirsty. He was about to leave the room. Vanga immediately responded: “Why would you leave? Ah, you want to drink! Pour water from a jug and take a cup. And take mine. Take the jug and both cups with you. After I die, you will drink water and remember me.” What is it if not a parable about water?
Well-known writer and art historian Zoya Boguslavskaya, widow of the poet Andrei Voznesensky, who came to the talk show, shared her memories of meeting with Vanga. It took place back in 1967 and, as Zoya Borisovna recalls, she was then struck by the fact that the woman endowed with such an exceptional gift lived practically in needy conditions.
“I wanted to help Vanga,” said Zoya Boguslavskaya. Vanga asked to bring from Moscow “a stove that works without firewood”, complaining that she was freezing in the winter. Zoya Borisovna fulfilled the request, bought the most powerful heater and delivered it to Vanga. The clairvoyant personal predictions for Zoya Borisovna almost all came true, as Boguslavskaya wrote in her book. The most incredible prediction was: “You will no longer be persecuted, you will be happy in marriage and many will recognize you. And one day you will cross the ocean. ” That’s exactly what happened.
The viewers were shocked by the revelation of yet another guest of the show, actress Alexandra Yakovleva. For two years now, the actress has been struggling with a serious illness. “You know, they teach us a lot in life, but no one tells us how to die,” Alexandra Evgenievna shared her most intimate thoughts with the audience. “I was diagnosed with oncology and that’s what broke me down. I have terrible depression. And there is no one to talk about it. If Vanga were alive, I would have visited her…"
And again we are watching documentary footage from “Confession of Vanga” by Ilyumzhinov. Thousands went to Vanga, asking for an appointment in advance. For everyone who came with a pure heart, with his misfortune, or simply looking for a wise advice, Vanga always had words of encouragement, guidance, or friendly reproach. The visitor received exactly what helped him to live on.
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov recalls: “People came to Vanga from everywhere. Sometimes they had to wait a few days for their turn at the reception. People came to Vanga with pain and suffering, and she gave them faith. It was faith that accompanied her all her life.”
Also there is a cat in Ilyumzhinov’s film. He visited Vanga’s grave, drank whiskey and ate chocolate. Don’t you believe? You should. See for yourself. You will not regret.

Evgenia Romanova