"Chess for everyone" by Dinara Sadvakasova

We all remember that one of the main objectives of the sixth FIDE President was to teach a billion people to play chess. "One billion chess players - one billion smart people".  Kirsan Nikolaevich explains this idea: “I am deeply convinced that the more intelligent people in our world are, the farther away from Armageddon will be our civilization. And the best way to develop the mind, which sets us apart from chimpanzees fighting for a banana, is chess.”


The famous Kazakhstani chess player Dinara Sadvakasova will conduct online training as a part of the “Chess for All” project using her own method. This will allow all people to be engaged in chess, a correspondent of the Kazinform reports.

“We hope to popularize chess in our country through the Chess for All project. We hope that it will be useful for people of all ages. Our goal is to give an opportunity to learn the basics of chess and to play it by all people of all regions. Therefore, we are going to launch an online chess academy that would allow anyone to take part in it. I will directly participate and record video lessons,” said Dinara Sadvakasova before the project’s presentation.
“The uniqueness of our project is that we will conduct training in the Kazakh language. We do not plan to compete with other academies. We want all the people who are fond of chess to have an opportunity to play it. Regardless of where they live, who they are, etc.” she added.
According to the organizers of the project, it will be another step towards the grandmaster’s big goal, which is to popularize chess in Kazakhstan. Chess helps to increase the competitiveness of talented young people. Chess is a mini-model of life, where victory, defeat or a temporary compromise is possible. The skill to win and lose graciously develops the right attitude to defeat and the ability to set a proper goal. The project is supported by House Construction Savings Bank (Kazakhstan).