Kalmyk residents to celebrate the First Turn of the Wheel of the Teachings by Buddha Shakyamuni

The First Turn of the Wheel of the Teaching by Buddha Shakyamuni will be celebrated at The Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni in the Central Khurul of Kalmykia on 4 August.

Everyone will be able to take vows against murder, theft, adultery, lying, taking alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other intoxicating drugs, eating after noon as well as refusing to sit on high seats and using cosmetics, perfumes and jewellery, singing songs and dancing.


As the Central Khurul of Kalmykia noted: “More than two and a half thousand years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni read the first sermon on the Four Noble Truths to his disciples at the holy place of Varanasi. This event has a timeless significance for all living things.

Buddha Shakyamuni revealed to people that there is suffering in the world, that this suffering has causes, and that there is a path that leads out of the circle of endless suffering.
The Buddha’s teaching has benefited millions of people for thousands of years. Buddhist holidays serve as a reminder of the important acts of the Buddha and of his Noble Eightfold Path, by which everyone can go and attain Enlightenment.”
It is said that, apart from five students, gods and two antelopes (gazelles or deer) also came to listen to the teachings. Since then, Dharma chakra is depicted surrounded by two gazelles - a symbol of the First Turn of the Dharma Wheel - that decorate the gates and central entrances to Buddhist monasteries of different countries.
This is one of the four major holidays associated with the life and teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni. “The First Turn of the Wheel of Teaching” can be called the anniversary of Dharma, the Teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni.
This is the teaching of the four noble truths: suffering must be known, the causes of suffering must be discarded, it is possible to stop suffering and you must follow the path in order to accomplish this.