"Lonely poplar" from Kalmykia to compete for the title of Europe’s main tree

On 1 February, the European Tree of the Year contest started. This year, Russia is represented in the international competition by the “Lonely Poplar” from the Republic of Kalmykia. Recall that we have already reported about this unique tree, which grows in the small homeland of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. 

By the way, laurel poplar (Populus laucifolia) from the Tselinny district of Kalmykia won the national qualifying stage during an open vote in 2019. Kalmyk Lonely Poplar became the "tree of the country" and was awarded the status of "Monument of Wildlife" of Russia.


Voting began on 1 February on the official website of the international contest (www.treeoftheyear.org) and will last for one month. Each person will be able to vote once using their email address. The voter always selects two candidates for the European Tree of the Year and then confirms his vote.

The organizers of the vote warn: according to the rules of voting a person can only vote once using their personal email address. Votes sent from disposable email addresses are not allowed and will be cancelled.  Let's support the “Lonely Poplar” from the Republic of Kalmykia!