The main intrigue of the Candidates Tournament

The next Candidates Tournament will be held in Moscow from 10 to 30 March 2016. It said the agency “F-Sport” president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.
The winner of the tournament will hold the match with the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen. (Recall the previous match for the title between Anand and Carlsen was held in 2014 in Sochi, and ended with the victory of Norwegian chess player). The prize fund is not less than 420 thousand euro.

So casually and somewhat unexpectedly ended this intrigue. Recently, Ilyumzhinov has announced that the venue for the match for the chess crown will be the United States, and listed candidate cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. But regarding the tournament contenders spoke more carefully.
According to Kirsan Nikolayevich, the probability of the tournament in the US - 50%, as there may be other wishing to organize the competition. The wishers, as we can see, were found.
But the most striking is that as the capital of the Russian Federation took the right of presenting wild card - a personal invitation to the last party of the championship.
In 99 cases out of a hundred the host nation in the tournament includes an own representative, which is understandable.
However, the Russian side has gone a different way: a nominee from the organizers is ... grandmaster of Armenia Levon Aronian. It can be seen, not without reason, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has recently repeatedly visited Yerevan and met with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, who heads the Armenian Chess Federation.           
It is obvious that Armenia is involved in the organization of the tournament. In particular, the partner of the event will be the company “Tashir”, which sponsored last year Petrosian Memorial in Moscow.
Thus, the names of all eight candidates are already known:
1.  Viswanathan Anand (India) - as a participant of the match for the world title in 2014;
2. Fabiano Caruana (USA) - on the basis of a series of FIDE Grand Prix;
3. Hikaru Nakamura (US) - on the basis of a series of FIDE Grand Prix;
4. Sergey Karjakin (Russia) - winner of the World Cup-2015 in Baku;
5. Peter Svidler (Russia) - Finalist of the World Cup 2015;
6. Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria) - for FIDE rating in July 2015;
7. Anish Giri (Netherlands) - FIDE rating;
8. Levon Aronian (Armenia) - winner of the wild card.
Opinions of participants
Sergey Karjakin:
“Native walls always help. Here I will be nice to play, here a lot of fans. In Moscow, I feel very comfortable. Previous tournament also took place in Russia, but, with all due respect to Khanty-Mansiysk, the situation was different. Few could go there. In general, only players and accompanying persons were presented at the match. In Moscow, there are much more chess fans.
I have a good relationship with all the players. I am pleased to show Moscow to everyone.
Not so long ago I had a similar experience: Viswanathan Anand flew to Moscow for the wedding of his second, and then I accompanied the Indian to the hotel”.
Hikaru Nakamura:
«I’m not surprised that the tournament will be held in Russia. I do not think it’s like any influence on my chances. All under the same conditions, except for Sergey Karjakin. Perhaps it is a little help to him”.
Peter Svidler:
“Playing in Moscow, I find it easier in terms of logistics. But I would agree to any city from those mentioned as possible options. Happy for Levon: nomination was already a precedent player not from the country of tournament. However, with so many Russians eligible for nomination, someone inevitably raise eyebrows”.
Anish Giri:
“In Russia, where I come from, say,” He who pays the piper calls the tune”. Levon and Moscow - the obvious choice when there is the Armenian sponsor in the Russian capital. Levon - one of the suitable candidates, although not the only one. For example, Kramnik, Grischuk, Ding Liren Wei And Wesley So - they, too, were worthy of support. By the way, including me in the list of participants until December 1, I regard as people’s faith in the stability of my results”.