US Treasury "punished" the head of FIDE for helping Syrian chess?

You may think now that the US has decided to start its own order in chess too. It seems to be no serious offense holding children's chess tournament in Damascus or Russian citizenship. Whatever it was, the US Treasury has prepared Kirsan Ilyumzhinov your gift to the anniversary. Now he accepts congratulations - 20 years as president of FIDE. But officially he "rewarded" by sanctions not for the chess.

Washington accuses businessman and his partners in other combinations. They accused him that he "supports the Syrian government" and ... participation in the alleged oil deals with terrorists in Damascus "Islamic state" (!).
The wording must be said, appeared in time in very handy. When it is clear that all roads  LIH's caravans oil lead to Turkey. It is time to change the emphasis.

Moreover, it is curious that Ilyumzhinov is accused of the events which took place two years ago. Likewise, they can still recall his meetings with Saddam Hussein. He played chess with him too. And the fact that there were not so many terrorists in Syria. There was only moderate opposition. And they had the oil also.
According to the head of FIDE, he happened to visit Damascus. But there he was against Assad. While playing chess. However, firstly, the last time was a few years ago. Secondly, any economic relations with this country he does not have.

In any case, Ilyumzhinov plans all to understand himself. All the same, he flies to the US for business negotiations. And motivation "punishment" is that he may well assume that he was simply with someone confused.

Michael Sheinkman