Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: The Almighty grieves seeing innocent victims

On October 29, a criminal attacked the parishioners of the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice. On the same day, the police detained a man, suspected of shooting at a Greek church in Lyon. A man with a knife tried to wound a police officer In Avignon. A guard of the French consulate in Saudi Arabia was wounded. On October 30, two police officers were attacked in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

A wave of violence began on October 16 after the murder of Samuel Paty, a French middle-school teacher, in a suburb of Paris. He had shown controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his students. showed his students cartoons as an example of expressing freedom of speech.
Emmanuel Macron declared his commitment to freedom of speech, as well as his readiness to create an organization in France that would establish “enlightened Islam” in the country.


The highest religious leaders of Islam say that the killing of people because of cartoons "is not pleasing neither to God, nor to God's messengers, believers and it is unnatural and contrary to life principles." I also think that inciting hatred between people is unnatural and does not correspond to religious principles.

In the holy book of Muslims Qur'an, there are no calls to murder. There is no excuse in the Qur'an for someone who cuts off the head of a mother of three children. This is terrible! I am sure Allah will not accept the soul of a monster who defiled the faith and went against the commandments that the Prophet Muhammad left to people.
The Almighty grieves seeing innocent victims. Because the God worshiped by Orthodox Christians and Catholics, Muslims and Buddhists is the God of Love and not death. You can't kill, you can't cut off people's heads, you can't be cruel. Let us recall the brilliant expression of Grigory Pomerants “he devil is born from an angel spitting in rage… People and systems crumble to dust, but the spirit of hate, bred by the champions of good, is immortal and thus evil on Earth knows no end."
And this is what I want to say to everyone. You cannot scoff at other people's shrines because they will inevitably begin to scoff yours. You cannot draw and publish caricatures of the Prophet, Jesus and Buddha. With all our dedication to the ideals of freedom and democracy, let's face it, only mentally inadequate people are capable of such disgusting deeds.
They publish cartoons of Muslim shrines to provoke backlash. What does freedom of speech and other values ​​of democracy have to do with it? I will repeat once again that you cannot kill people. You cannot cut off their heads. There is no excuse for criminals to commit such atrocities.
Charlie Hebdo magazine, in my opinion, should be closed. And the publishers must be equated with provocateurs. Otherwise, everything can be justified: mockery of the victims of the Second World War, cooking barbecue on the Eternal Flame, mockery of an old mother and paedophilia. Isn't all this included in the list of democratic values? No? That is the answer.
Who and how will stop the wave of violence? As never before, the words and deeds of the leaders of states are weighty today. A single careless word said in passionate assessment of what happened will not lead to appeasement, but will turn into new acts of violence.
In this regard, the Turkish Foreign Ministry very correctly stated about the crime in Nice: “We strongly condemn the attack in Nice. Nothing can legitimize violence. Those who attacked the place of prayer have nothing to do with religion, humanity and morality."
With all the differences between people in their perception of life’s principles, religion and following the canons of a particular faith, we are united by one thing, which is our attitude to basic human values. In all religions, God gives life to man, and only God has the right to end it. No one should take another person's life. This is disgusting to all the gods to whom humanity has been praying for centuries.