Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: To live happily means to live in peace

It’s evening. All business meetings are over; the documents requiring attention have been sorted out. It remains to answer only a few letters, after which you can go home to rest. Why is there no peace of mind after a busy and fruitful day?

The answer is simple: I once again plunge into the world of news. But not only related to business. Stock prices, resignations and appointments, presentations and statements - all these help to run a business. But while browsing social networks, I suddenly came across a completely unexpected text. I will not provide you with a link, but quote it in full.


“The Dalai Lama's visit to Russia will become the most powerful provocation in the history of Russian-Chinese relations over the past 20 years and will split them. 300 years ago, the Kalmyks were saved at the hand of Anna Ioanovna from the Sino-Manchu genocide and received the merciful right to live in the Russian steppes. Then there was 1943, when the Russian people considered Kalmyks traitors. Eastern religions would never forget such deeds. We Christians, however, have forgiven and forgive our brothers up to 77 times. What about Buddhists? "

It was a terrible and unjustly cruel accusation not only of the Kalmyks, but also all Buddhists in Russia! The Kalmyk people paid for the betrayal of a handful of renegades by deportation to Siberia and many thousands of lives of innocent people! At the same time, four thousand soldiers and officers of the Red Army - natives of Kalmykia - were awarded the highest military awards of the USSR for their exploits, and over 20 of them became Heroes of the Soviet Union!
I refer to only a few names out of many: Sergeant Erdni Delikov, the commander of the anti-tank rifle crew, who died along with his squad, but did not let the enemy enter the Don. Sapper Nikolai Sanzhirov showed miracles of ingenuity and courage, organizing the advance of Soviet troops through seemingly impassable places. He was killed in Poland. The cavalryman, guard lieutenant Bembya Khechiev, terrified the enemy with dashing sabres attacks, and he later restored the cities destroyed by the enemies after the war.
And these are only Kalmyks. But Buddhism is a traditional religion not only in our steppe republic, but also in Buryatia, Altai, Transbaikalia and Tuva. By the way, for some reason this is rarely remembered, but the Tuvan People's Republic, which was an independent state until August 1944, was the first foreign state to begin providing material assistance to the belligerent Soviet Union. Little Tuva donated 60 million Soviet roubles. Big county the USA, for reference, donated 250 million. And, unlike Tuva, at the end of the war, they demanded from the USSR all the debt to the penny. Until 2006, we have been returning the debt.
Now someone, thoughtfully and pusposefully opposes these peoples to Christians, Russians, Chuvashes, Mari, Ossetians, Karelians and Vepsians.
Please note: the unnamed author of the libel does not attack Buddhism as such; he appeals to Russian-Chinese relations. Allegedly, the visit of the Dalai Lama to our country is almost equivalent to a direct declaration of war on one of the most powerful states. This is not the case.
Yes, once the Dalai Lama (just as the Pope in Catholicism is the head of the Vatican) was not only the spiritual leader of the faithful, but also the head of Tibet, the sore point of China. But back in 2011, Ngagwang Tenjin Gyamtsho gave up administrative functions, leaving for himself only doctrinal activities.
And in this capacity, the Dalai Lama is not just the head of the followers of the Buddha's teachings. Neither Muslims nor Orthodox believers have this. Even for Catholics, the Pope is just a vicar, the mediator of God on earth. And for us, the Dalai Lama is the living embodiment of God.
Therefore, it is so important for us to hear His Living Word and see His Face. We believe that one look at the Dalai Lama heals all diseases and, more importantly, corrects the karma of the believer. But some persons, year after year, are making great efforts to deprive Russian Buddhists of this grace.
The strangest thing is that it is impossible to understand why the aspirations of Russian Buddhists are repeatedly shattered against the impenetrable wall of incomprehension. The Dalai Lama is a great friend of our country, about which he spoke directly and openly more than once. It is difficult to find at least one geopolitical issue where he would not speak in unison with President Putin or Minister Lavrov.
Moreover, he said more than once that he sees Russia, including the Elista’s Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni Khurul - built according to His plan and with His blessing - as a place of world pilgrimage.
It would seem that the Universe itself commands us to stick together. Alas, this is not the case. Someone (I wonder who?) stubbornly and effectively drives a wedge between Russia and Buddhism. What for?
Recently, the Dalai Lama held an online teaching, during which he said: “All living things want to live happily, and living happily means living in peace. We must seriously think about how to make our planet more harmonious and safer. We are social animals. We depend on the society in which we live. From the moment we were born, our survival has depended on the care and love of our mothers and other family members. It has nothing to do with religious practice; this is how our nature works."
Someone really does not want us to live in peace and be happy. However, one question haunts me: why do we agree with this?