Seva Novgorodtsev on UFOs: "What if they really fly!"

According to the New York Times, the Pentagon examined the evidence of UFOs and did not find any alien footprint in these phenomena. The Pentagon report will be presented to the public on June 25. However, it will not apparently have any effect on public opinion: both those who believe in aliens and those who do not will hold to their belief. The reason is that these phenomena are observed throughout the history of humankind. Legendary BBC journalist Seva Novgorodtsev writes about this in his blog:

“From time to time we witness unexplained phenomena. This does not mean that the inexplicable should be rejected just because it cannot be reproduced in the laboratory.

I remember how I had to interview a naval sailor, captain of the first rank, commander of the nuclear submarine base of the Northern Fleet. He wrote reports to his superiors about the UFOs, which distracted the personnel and generally prevented it from fulfilling its duty and obligation to defend the homeland.

“How can you”, I said to the captain, “a man with a higher education and great military experience believe such nonsense?” "And what shall I believe," he answered, "if they really fly!"

I remember another interview with the former President of Kalmykia and the head of the FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who spoke about his meeting with the inhabitants of a flying saucer. He recalls it as a dream, or maybe not quite a dream, but there are witnesses that for some time Ilyumzhinov disappeared from a locked Moscow apartment on the 7th floor.

The conversation with the aliens went at the level of thought. To his question ‘why don't you contact humankind or declare your presence’, he received an answer: "Humanity is not ready yet."

The Roman historian Livy wrote about "ghostly ships sparkling in the sky". Plutarch wrote about the battle of the Roman army under the command of Lucius Luculia with the army of the Pontic king Mithridates VI:

“Suddenly, a body of fire descended from the sky between the two armies like a molten silver in colour. Both armies saw it."

Many believe that the authorities lie on these phenomena since most of the recent observations were made by military pilots or sailors, that is, professionally trained people. In the last two years alone, there have been more than 120 incidents confirmed by several instruments.

The term "aliens", in my opinion, is completely wrong. We still need to figure out who are the real aliens, in other words, who appeared on Earth first."