Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: Vitacracy is not about politics. It is about life

After the publication of my article on Vitacracy, I received a lot of letters, both as e-mails and on Instagram. Readers write that this idea is timelier than ever now, that many fear for their children and grandchildren, and for the world in which our descendants will live.
In general, the idea, as they say, is ripe. However, when I began to talk about Vitacracy, about the right of every person to life, more than ten years ago, then there was not much readers’ response. I am convinced that humanity had to think about its future, about its place on this planet, and about many other equally important things a long time ago.
Back in the early 2000s, I wrote an article on the quality of life. It is also on my website. It says, among other things:
“The history of humankind, as well as of each country and of each nation, can be conditionally divided into three stages: the struggle for survival, the accumulation of socio-economic potential necessary to meet basic human needs, and, finally, the formulation of the main question, which is the quality of life. This is the task facing the authorities and society. Survival tactics should give way to a strategy of accelerated development for improving the quality of people's lives”.


I am sure that humanity is quite worthy of the quality of life to improve, and not vice versa. It is just that if you sit back, nothing will work.

There is a saying: "Thanks Lord for another day passed." I am not at all opposed to thanking the Almighty for every day I have lived. I just don't like it when they say: "The day is over and it's good." We came to this Earth with a certain set of rights, and most important of them is the right to life. For a good, quality life. And there is everything on Earth to provide us with such a life. It's up to us.
But look what happens. People are sophisticated in all sorts of abominations, journalists increase their ratings publishing human tragedies, psychological bullying and aggression in social networks becomes a real problem. Selfishness and manipulation flourish in human relationships.
They even started to teach this! You can easily come across an advertisement that another "coach" is ready to teach everyone the basics of manipulation in personal communication and in business negotiations.
You can hear from all sides - be a leader, be successful! Who said that? Such coaches? For them, the concept of "success" implies exclusively the possession of big money. If you have a lot of money, then you are successful and worthy. Today, being smart means being cunning, dexterous, not disdaining anything to break through to the top and fill ones pockets. It used to be that to become smart you had to study and read smart books. Nowadays, many are limited to serials. Or books like "How to make a million in a couple of hours."
Even in art and creativity, the fascination with ugliness and evil in all its manifestations is becoming more noticeable. The humanitarian sphere, figuratively speaking, is bursting at the seams. Art, at all times called to serve the beauty, has turned into its complete opposite. Now it serves to promote violence, licentiousness and fear. Sport, which should demonstrate the highest human capabilities, has degenerated into a show with the use of illegal drugs, behind-the-scenes intrigue and corruption. Human relationships have degraded to likes on social networks.
It is known that when God wants to punish a person, then, first, he deprives him of reason. But only God has nothing to do with it. We punish ourselves. We ourselves renounce reason, while continuing to proudly call ourselves "Homo sapiens".
But hold on! First, the declared human monopoly on rationality is clearly exaggerated. Observations of animals show not only intelligence, but sometimes a greater degree of "humanity" (than in humans), expressed in compassion and empathy. And, secondly, not a single intelligent animal will struggle with nature, and be responsible for its pollution, poisoning and destruction on such a terrifying scale as man successfully does.
Man has lost touch with nature, imagining himself to be the "crown of development." Isn't this pride, which is a mortal sin? If we do not pacify our pride and stop sowing evil, the history of the earth can end very badly.
In 1994, we, the people of Kalmykia, and I, as part of it, adopted a new Constitution, a new fundamental law. We called this document "Steppe Code" and in its tenth paragraph we wrote down that all residents of the Republic of Kalmykia are responsible for everything that happens in the world. I was then a very young president and now, looking back, I believe that this idea was dictated from above. It should have appeared. We just made it a constitutional norm.
We are responsible for everything that happens on our planet: for the melting of glaciers and climate change, for the ozone hole over Antarctica and for floating plastic islands in the Pacific Ocean, for fires and floods anywhere in the world. But first, for ourselves.
We should give up selfishness and consumerism. It must be remembered that humanity, flora and fauna, our planet, atmosphere and the world's oceans constitute a single indivisible whole.
Therefore, I want everyone to understand: Vitacracy is not about politics. Vitacracy is about life. Someone very clever wrote that "when a chess game ends, kings and pawns fall into one box." This is the ending for everyone and everyone. But for now - we are alive. And we have the right to life.