Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: Humanity will learn not only to set global and ambitious goals, but also to solve them together

On December 10, the world community celebrates Human Rights Day, officially established at the Plenary Meeting of the UN General Assembly in December 1950. The date was chosen in honour of the adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN General Assembly on December 10, 1948. This document could become the main and determining one for our whole life. I'll explain why it didn't happen.

In the last decade, Human Rights Day has been held every year under different slogans, such as:
Take a stand for human rights
Don’t be idle, take what is yours
Fight for what is yours
Equality comes with equal rights
Stand and fight together for human rights
Celebrate Human Rights Day every day
Speak up, say what you need to say
Your rights give you a voice, use it.
Raise your voice and take what is yours
Fight, but only for fair and truthful.
Don’t be calm, it is your right.
Encourage human rights, don’t abuse power.
Your voice counts, etc.
The slogan of 2021 is "equality".

Who would argue, all these slogans are beautiful. Each of us will gladly sign off on any of them. But why has the Universal Declaration of Human Rights not yet become the main document that determines our entire life? It is because authorities are even more irresponsible than people. A huge number of bombs were dropped on Vietnam. And those bombs contained napalm that burned everything around and a synthetic mixture of defoliants and herbicides - Agent Orange. Of the three million victims to date, over one million people have become disabled, suffering from hereditary diseases in the second and third generations. The Americans should not only build hospitals there, but detox the whole area!
Additionally, why drop the "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? These were not military objects! How many people died there at once, half a million? And how many civilians died in the following years from radiation? Those who committed this crime against humanity had to be tried.

I stand for universal human values, for universal human responsibility. In other words, for the right to life - Vitacracy. There are a lot of rights that everyone is very concerned about today - freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and others. But they are shyly silent about the most important right, which should become fundamental in the modern world - the right to life of every person, regardless of race, nationality, religion and whether he plays chess, football or volleyball.

I am sure that the main thing is Vitacracy. The right to life, which today should prevail over all other rights. A person who was born has the right to live, breathe clean air, study, admire nature. Politicians from different countries boast of new submarines, tanks and, in general, everything that we can destroy each other with. Not new drugs for cancer or diabetes!
In order to realize the idea of ​​Vitacracy, one does not need to arrange revolutions and shed blood. It is only necessary to shift the emphasis in consciousness: try not to think about how other people differ from us, but about how to help everyone to fully realize their right to life.
When we realize the need for new thinking, when we begin to live in accordance with the idea of ​​Vitacracy, those principles that are only declared today, but do not work in practice - equality and democracy - will start working automatically. There will be no need to impose them with the help of sanctions and bombs. The threat of mass unemployment will disappear, the economy will get a new breath. And then humanity will learn not only to set global and ambitious goals, but also to solve them together. It is then that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will become the main document that determines our entire life.