Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: «You should move towards the light to get out of the darkness»

For several years in a row, I have been writing a column in the Russian Pioneer magazine, which I really like. The magazine is beautiful and interesting and besides you can read it on-line. Each issue is dedicated to a particular topic.

In general, Russian Pioneer is a magazine about pioneers in business and art, in the service and in sports. The magazine publishes columns of Russian journalists, as well as famous people who share their opinions and views on various topics.
The topic of the next issue is Light.
There is always light. Beam of light in darkness. No matter how gloomy it is, it is important to remember that any darkness will eventually bring us light. Dawn will come.
Imagine you are in a dark room. There are no clocks, no lamps either. But you know that the dawn will come, that's for sure! You just need to be patient, wait and look for a way out of this room. Do not worry if despondency seizes you. Know that the longer the darkness, the closer the dawn!

The main thing is not to panic. Do not think that the situation, when there is darkness all around, is so difficult that there is no way out. There is always a way out. Complex problems can be overcome by applying the simplest solution. And if you believe in it, then the light will come. At first it may be just a ray, but it will illuminate the most impenetrable darkness. The main thing is not to fall into the darkness, not to get lost. Because the only way out of darkness is to move towards the light.