The sanctions against the philanthropist

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has announced that he intends to sue the US Treasury. What trouble brought financial Department to the head of the world chess?
At the initiative of the organization, FIDE President was included in the sanctions list. For the fact that he, according to the US Treasury opinion, acted on behalf of the government and the Central Bank of Syria.
States believes Assad offender - and they does not want to be friends with those who have a different opinion. In the world of the sea spilled blood. But the one that spilled in Syria, is considered by the Americans, was spilled criminal.

Select objects to sanctions, of course, their business and their right. Meanwhile, Ilyumzhinov is FIDE President for 20 years. And he got this legacy in a dilapidated state. In the early years, he spent his own money for tournaments. And, most of all - in a specially-built Chess City in Kalmykia.
More nowhere invited. The policy disappeared from chess. There was no confrontation of East and West, capitalism and socialism or Soviet dissidents. Interest in the game has fallen, and Ilyumzhinov had to rebuild it carefully. In recent years indicate that he was able to do it.
The tournaments moved from exotic places in the cities that are on everyone's lips, and the prize pools have increased significantly. This year the World Championship match will be held in New York. Here is a paradox: that the United States became interested in chess, Ilyumzhinov sat behind the board with Gaddafi and talked with Assad.
Where were you before, ladies and gentlemen, when the World Chess Federation perished from lack of money and lack of support at the highest level?