FIDE President: "When a grandmaster plays against computer, people root for the human."

- Welcome to Bonn, Mr. President! What is your impression after the first moves of the match ‘Human vs Computer’?

I congratulate Germany on such an important chess event, which attracts everyone's attention. The match in Bonn is very important in the popularization of chess.

- What is most important for you in this event?

When a grandmaster plays against computer, people root for the human. When Topalov and Kramnik played, the sympathies were divided. Some were rooting for Kramnik while others were rooting for Topalov. Now Kramnik is playing against the computer, and billions of people are rooting for him. This means that he is not alone.


- A month and a half ago, your compatriot won a difficult match for the World Championship in Elista. Do you support him in Bonn?


I'm rooting for humans. I hope that Vladimir will win against the computer. Of course, this is very difficult. But this is a fundamental question – who will win: Man or Computer?

- And what do you think?

The computer is incredibly powerful. I think that the odds of in favour of computer are 60/40.

- Do you watch the man vs computer match for the first time?

In early 2003, the FIDE organized the match Kasparov vs Deep Junior in New York. They played six games and the match ended with a score of 3-3. Therefore, I have experience of holding such competitions.

- Do you play against a computer yourself? Perhaps, you have one of the versions of Fritz at home?

No, I do not have such a programme.

- In this case, people from ChessBase should give you such a programme!

When I have free time, I prefer to play with people.

Dagobert Colmayer
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