Ilyumzhinov: "Computers take power over humanity"

- Kirsan Nikolaevich,these days grandmasters seem to compete who has a better computer. It is believed that a chess player plays better if he has an advanced computer program.

The world champion Mikhail Botvinnik said that chess is a combination of sport, culture and science. Alexander Alekhine also supported that idea. Modern chess players often use computers. They even play against computers.

We remember Garry Kasparov's matches against the Deep Junior and Deep Blue programs. Ten years ago, I and Bloomberg arranged a match when Kasparov played against computer in New York. It's almost impossible to play against computer today.
A computer generates more than ten million combinations. It does not waist its time but sits at the chessboard continually. Chess programs have become more sophisticated: they not just generate combinations but make non-standard moves.
Earlier you could win against computer by following the theory. It would confuse the computer and make it lose the game. Eventually it would emanate smoke as it was in New York in 2003. Today, computer learnt how to make traps. It's very difficult to play against it now.
- Yes, chess is harmony. And harmony is the soul. How do chess and soul compare?
I spoke with developers of chess computers. The Israeli programmer Shai Bushinsky said to me when he was working on the Deep Junior program: "I feel that computers started to think not only logically but even illogically as if they have emotions."
- Does it look like computers got soul while chess players began to play unemotionally?
Programmers said that on one occasion two programs created a third program in the absence of a man, that is, they "gave birth" to it and hid it from a man. It's getting scary. We read about how computers take power over humanity in fantastic novels. There may come a time when it could really happen.
True, some chess players react unreasonably: when someone played well, they accuse him of allegedly following computer’s hints. The human brain is like a computer: it solves problems. A man can really make good moves. Why can only a computer come up with good ones?