Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "I met with Baba Vanga forty times"

- How did you get acquainted with the legendary clairvoyant?

Bulgarians, with whom I studied at MGIMO, helped me. In 1993, I went with them to Petrich, where Vanga lived. I do not want to show off but I was one of the few with whom she often met. Usually we sat, talked and drank tea. Once in April 1995, her relative, a doctor, Boyka Tsvetkova called.
She asked: "Are you all right?" At that time, the aunt insisted that she saw two Kirsans. She said that Kirsan had split in two." I called Baba Vanga and I heard her laughing. I flew to her. We had supper. All her relatives sat around us. Suddenly she pointed at me: "Such a thin, small man occupying two chairs..." And in a few months I was elected President of FIDE.

I met with Baba Vanga forty times; she always saw me out of turn. I didn’t consider her a clairvoyant but a good grandmother who gave me advices.
She said that there are rough times ahead... On the other hand, that’s what she said about Russia: "You are a Great Power. You will unite the whole world."
- When did you last see Vanga?
I visited her in July 1996 – a month before her death. It was hot and I got thirsty. However, I did not say anything to her, and suddenly I heard her saying: "Why are you suffering? Have a drink!" She poured me some water from a jug. "I know, you're in a hurry," Vanga said. In fact, I was in a hurry to get to Zurich. "All right, you fly. And I'll die here. But please remember me. Take the cup you drank from." I put it in my bag. "Won’t you drink with me?" I took another cup. "Where will you keep the water?" I took a pitcher. She knew that she was dying of cancer. It was clear that she did not have much time left. And taking the jug, I realized: this is our last meeting...
You know, sometimes I asked Vanga: "How do you know the past and the future?" She answered: "I do not know." She did not understand, she was illiterate; at the age of 14 she became blind. I think Vanga was a simple guide connected to a single information field, where the time and space mix. She took information from there. However, there is a part of Baba Vanga in everyone.
- Are you serious?
Unfortunately, we use only2-3 percent of our brain's abilities. If we used 15 percent, we could teleport ourselves or communicate at a distance without a phone. I've read Tsiolkovsky's book The Journey of an Atom. We are sets of atoms, which come and go. Today, they form a person and they form a planet tomorrow. There is a soul. There is memory from past lives.
- Did Vanga tell you what lies ahead?
Yes. But you cannot talk about it. If a gypsy told you your fortune, you should not tell anyone, otherwise it will never come true. Thought is material. Don’t let anyone hear it and take it away.
- Once you talked about your desire to go to the monastery ...
This is no longer relevant. A couple of years ago, when I was visiting His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in the Himalayas, I meditated very well. But His Holiness said: "Here are enough people to pray. You have your own karma."
- And what do you remember about your meeting with Pope John Paul II?
We met in 1993. I gave him a chess set, he set up his chess position and said: "Young man, I challenge you to solve the problem – how to achieve checkmate in two moves." Well, I could not do it. It turns out that, when he lived in Krakow, priest Wojtyla’s chess puzzles were published in a local newspaper every Saturday. He was a master of FIDE in chess...