Chess as a model of human relations

On March 10, a meeting with the President of FIDE, Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov was held at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU). The reason for it was an event that could significantly affect the education of students – the opening of the chess department at MGSU.

Many people wonder why such a department is needed in the construction university. The university gives us professional knowledge, but above all, it educates an individual and influences the world outlook of the youth.

A game of chess is not just entertainment or competition for a "box of beer". It is a competition of minds, of human logic. The meeting with Kirsan Nikolayevich gave answers to this and other questions. I think he is a unique person. Our guest gave us an interesting lesson talking about his acquaintance with chess, which turned into a greater game – the real life.
At five years old, his grandfather taught him to play chess; thus began his acquaintance with this already more than a game. Today, almost 100% of children (schoolchildren) in the Republic of Kalmykia can play chess and, thanks to this, the achievement level of students has significantly improved.
And it all began with the initiative of Kirsan Nikolayevich – to introduce first optional and then mandatory chess classes in schools. If we look at the development of the Republic of Kalmykia from a town-planning point of view, we will see that during Kirsan Nikolaevich presidency roads were built, infrastructure was developed, etc. Comrades of Kirsan Nikolayevich told me later that it was quite difficult to attract investors. Whence this ability to foresee the future and develop a strategy of interaction on several steps forward? This is the essence of the game of chess – the ability to foresee. I am grateful for the meeting and the lesson that Kirsan Nikolayevich gave us.