Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: Neither economics nor politics can justify the oppression of human beings, the crushing of their delicate and complex inner worlds

Politics, business, the science of government. For many it is an unquenchable Mist for power. Each living man is a riddle. We do not know ourselves until we try to govern others. While still not fully knowing our own value on this Earth, we encroach on the lives of the rest.

Neither economics nor politics can justify the oppression of human beings, the crushing of their delicate and complex inner worlds, their beliefs, principles, morals and spirit. However, those in power do try to destroy and influence.

Without our willing it or even being aware' of it billions of cells live in each one of us. Why not use these cells against the people themselves? Each hair and molecule exists independent of our will, thoughts and feelings. So it is possible to suppress people's emotions and desires at a molecular level. We live most of our lives chaotically and unconsciously. So it is possible to increase the chaos, penetrate people's dreams, ruin their inner selves, subjugate them and make docile automatons out of them. We long for communication because deep down we are afraid to be alone. Why not intensify this fear? Our subconscious fear of the future makes us try to look younger than we really are. You can exploit that too. Man feels drawn to whatever is banned. So you can intensify this feeling too, making it irresistible. And then, quite independently of our desire and will, envy, vanity, fear, hatred and the desire to kill flair  up   in  us...  The border   between   the   conscious   and subconscious mind is quite elusive, the former flows into the latter and that is what constitutes one's inner self.
After subjecting a person to radiation and mind-bending drugs the subject's character can be ruined, his ego is lost and he becomes a biochemical automaton without a soul, emotions or thoughts. He is nothing more than a zombie and a slave. Thus we violate the cosmic, moral laws and a terrible taboo. Now everything is permitted.
Once we enter the era of mind-bending soul-enslaving drugs, mankind will be unable to develop even to the level of feudalism. Perhaps it would be the end of life itself, the apocalypse which al l of the world religions has warned us about for centuries.
The prospect of a population of zombies is not just a nightmare, but also a reality. Maybe all those coups and wars are experiments which leave entire nations and continents Zombified? Perhaps a well-hidden third force exists, with the power and resources to initiate and control these processes? A third force that dreams of dominating the world by means of manipulating the population's psyche?
What about the hundred billion dollars, which has been stashed away in foreign banks by the CPSU? What is that money meant for? One hundred billion is only the amount we know of. The truth about the full amount of stolen money will certainly remain the secret of the century.
Before Hitler came to power there were millions of jobless in Germany. The people were impoverished, utterly dissatisfied and ready for anything. The current situation in this country resembles that of Germany in the early thirties.  The same impoverishment, discontent, uncertainty and corruption. Society longs for an immediate change for the better. Such a society will believe anything; indeed it ardently wishes to be deceived.  Millions of our fellow-countrymen   are prepared to follow any politician who promises them a better life immediately.  I am afraid that such a politician will manifest himself soon, if he has not already done so.
All our lives we have been fed a diet of fairy-tales: communism by 1980! A separate flat for each family by the year 2000! And now, to and behold, there is an absolute vacuum. And yet nature does not tolerate a vacuum...
Much has been written about the hypnotic powers of Hitler and the mass psychosis of the German people. However, very little has been written in this respect about Stalin although the universal  "Ey!"  of the Homo Sovieticus was  the  very definition of mass psychosis. Our population has been Zombified for several decades now. Now and then, we read short items about it in the press.  What is it, this third force that secretly governs us? Does it really exist?  Where will the hundred billion dollars surface? Which kinds of political movements is it intended to support? What kind of secret scientific research projects will this money finance? And, most importantly, what are they ultimately hoping to achieve with these billions?
A t first glance these questions seem contrived. I wish I was wrong. I wish that the Bulgarian Academic Tudor Dichev would prove to be wrong. I wish we would...
But then l remember how a few years ago a man came to the Sun Corporation and tried to sell us some pills or powder which suppressed will-power.
-              "What do I need them for?" I asked.
-              "Well, Kirsan Nikolayevich. After all, you are an important businessman and see a lot of people every day. You are a big wheel, as it were. Let us suppose that you have to talk someone into something ... Well, you only have to pour some of this stuff into their coffee and you are away. No problems! No unpleasantness and no bad consequences.  Your counterpart will simply sign everything over to you."
I refused to buy the medicine. But I am sure that chemist went elsewhere and found another buyer. Once moral law is removed then everything is permitted. And how many such scientists are there at work in this country? How many physicists and chemists are in possession of secret formulas?
Every morning I find a pile of newspapers on my desk. I run them through. Now and again I read a short article about our grossly underpaid scientists. We have no means to fund their research or their wages, and so scientists have no choice other than to leave for the countries of the third world. These countries need them since their authorities are bent on creating nuclear, atomic and other weapons. They have the means to fund their work. Our country cannot do this. We can afford to finance the Good-Will Games but we cannot support the best brains of Russia. According to the poet Tyutchev "Russia cannot be comprehended by reason alone". There has always been an over-abundance of talent in Russia.
So what is wrong with us? Is Russia simply ill fated or have we perhaps dropped out of world progress and stopped motionless on the roadside? Every now and again we take a step forward, then we retreat and stop dead in our tracks again not knowing where to go, what to do and who is to blame.
I often recall the words of the Bulgarian visionary Vanga:
- "You are now at the end of a hard trail. Soon the skies above your people will clear. You will be recompensed for your suffering. I can see flowers which means that the glory­ days of your nation are approaching."

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

The President's Crown of Thorns