Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: The most important thing for me is whether I am satisfied or dissatisfied with what I have done

- Hegel divided the duties of a person into four categories. He said that he did not know which of them was the most important. Responsibilities before yourself, your family, the state and other people. What do you think is the most important?

- My responsibilities come first. You see, there are some inner values ​​that are the main ones in assessing your own deeds and actions. Ultimately, the most important thing for me is how I feel about it, whether I am satisfied or not with what I have done. And this does not always coincide with the opinions of others.
For example, we once erected an Exodus and Return monument. This is an embodied in stone our feasible tribute to the memory of the tragedy that the long-suffering Kalmyk people went through. All the newspapers then wrote that even if Kirsan now retires, then subsequent generations would be grateful to him, at least for this.


By the way, Exodus and Return is the only monument to a repressed people in Russia. At that time, Moscow forbade me to make it. What are you, they said, think you’re doing? Fanning nationalism and so on. Sit quietly and do not stick your head out.

And they asked me the usual question: do you have anything else to use the state money? But I made this monument with my own money with some donation from Kalmyks. We didn't take a dime from the budget.
Then, when the first Khurul was opened, all the newspapers also wrote that the Kalmyks dreamed of their own temple for so many years, and I made this people's dream come true. Here are two typical examples: everyone seemed to be happy, but I was not! And I was dissatisfied because I has not yet done a little bit of what I had planned. I said to them: “Wait a minute, we have Khurul, but I also want to organize the only Buddhist academy in Kalmykia, a Buddhist school”.
- There is a saying: "A great man goes ahead of his time, the smart one walks next to him, the cunning one tries to use him, and the stupid one blocks his way." Are there many smart, cunning and stupid people around you? Who has the majority?
- I met with all of them. I try to discern both sides in every person: “dark” and “evil”. Well, what can you do? Many, alas, are not devoid of elementary human vices and weaknesses.
- And what about those who are walking next to you? I mean close associates, allies and like-minded people?
- I will be frank: I am, if I may say so, equidistant from everyone and equal to everyone. Yes, of course, there are people who have supported me for many years, and there are some who came and went. But in this respect I feel like a robot. I don’t have any emotions or dissatisfaction. I locked my emotions in the secret corners of my soul with a strong lock. I may write a whole list wish hundreds of names in it, but where are those people now? No, I'm not saying that they are bad, betrayed me, lost faith, did not understand me, and so on. God is the only judge of my former associates. I bear no grudge against them. But I will not be sad about this either. There is no time for this. We must move on, we must follow our path.
- And what about the fools who stand in your way?
- Step over the blocking thing and go further. Our people’s proverb is no matter how a frog jumps, it ends its own puddle. It applies here: what will you if a person who, due to his unreasoning, stand across your path? Persuade? Urge? Useless. Waste of time. We must go forward, time is precious."

Planet Kirsan, 2002