Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: A pitcher from Vanga

- Much has been written about your acquaintance with Vanga. What do you know about your future?

- A lot. They often speculate on Vanga. I don't want to brag, but I was one of those with whom she spent a much time. Vanga did not speak directly about the future, only figuratively. I asked: "How do you like Kalmykia?" She replied: “I see an oasis. A blooming garden…". I was amazed to hear that because we had a semi-desert. Then she added: “Look for water. Water is more valuable than gold. "
How did she know that we have imported water from Dagestan? She did not study geography, did not know how to write. She has been blind since the age of 14. She was born in Macedonia and did not travel further than Bulgaria.
- Did everything that she had predicted come true?
- Nine out of ten predictions. In April 1995, Boyka Tsvetkova calls me. She asks: “Are you all right? Aunt has repeated several times that she saw two Kirsans. I took a plane and flew to Vanga. We had dinner; all her relatives were sitting around. Suddenly she pointed at me: "So thin, small, but occupies two chairs ...". And a few months later I was elected FIDE President.
- So, what fate did she predict for you next?

- I can't tell. Thought is material.
- Do you remember Vanga's phone number?


- I know the number of Tsvetkova. Then there were no mobiles, she brought an ordinary phone to Vanga. There is my photo on the first floor of the house-museum of Vanga. The stationary phone on which she spoke.
I came to Vanga a month before her death, in 1996. It was hot, I wanted to drink. I didn’t say anything to her and then I hear: “Why are you suffering? Have some water!" I poured it from a pitcher. "I know you are in a hurry," said Vanga. Indeed, I was in a hurry to Zurich. “Okay, fly. I'm going to die here. But you will remember me. Take the cup you drank from." I put it in my bag. "Won't you drink with me?" I took a second cup. "Where are you going to pour the water?" Taking the pitcher, I realized: this was our last meeting.