Ilyumzhinov: You can't escape fate, but you can run away

Ilyumzhinov's attitude to money is surprisingly easy: you have it, it’s ok, you lose it, it’s all right. With the same amazing ease, he solves questions of his own safety: he always travels abroad without a bodyguard, and in Russia he goes everywhere alone, and loves to walk at night.

- Why shall I be afraid? I am a believer, - explains Ilyumzhinov. - What is destined is destined! No matter how they guarded Olof Palme or Rajiv Gandhi, nothing helped them. Now modern technology is such that if you are a target, no security will save you! Of course, I try not to go to places where bricks may fall on my head. Both in business and in politics I prefer to leave if I feel that I annoy someone. The earth is round and there is enough space for everyone!
Ilyumzhinov often travels in the Moscow metro. One day he saw two men there, and one says:
- Oh, look, It’s Kirsan!


And the other replied:

- It can't be!
And now the first one catches up with Ilyumzhinov:
- Excuse me, we bet on a bottle of vodka: I say that you are Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, and my friend does not believe ...
- Yes, I am Kirsan!
- Do you have a passport?
He takes out the certificate of the President of Kalmykia. The man nearly had a heart attack!
... Yes, I almost forgot! Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is the only politician in the world whose name is given to a small planet. Its number is 5570 and is called "Kirsan" ...
September 2010