Kirsan Ilyumzhinov proposes to bring all Russian thinkers together

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov made an appeal for a humanitarian revolution and announced that he was ready to become one of its active participants. Ilyumzhinov believes that "it is doubtful that the West will share with us truly advanced technologies today, and not scientific and technical second-hand". However, modernization is not limited to solving the problem of "catching up with the West" - the society must be ready for this.

In his opinion, the humanitarian environment in Russia has been destroyed over the past 20 years. Therefore, he proposed to create a humanitarian branch of the Skolkovo innovation centre in Kalmykia. It is assumed that "several hundred leading humanities scientists, whose enormous potential has not been adequately demanded in recent years and even decades" can work happily in new infrastructure, life, aura and atmosphere.
“I think it is our steppe, which is conducive to contemplation and reflection, remote from industrial sweatshops, ecologically clean and ontologically calm is most suitable for bringing together leading Russian philosophers and thinkers.

Today, when the course for modernization is outlined, I have found a political setting for that steppe diamond, which could become the City of Philosophers. This setting is the humanitarian branch of the Skolkovo innovation centre. An incubator of humanitarian ideas that will be able to supplement Skolkovo, writes Ilyumzhinov. “Only a person brought up in the appropriate humanitarian environment can break out of the “sticky embrace of postmodernism”.