Manifesto of the World Chess Party

There is a need to urgently strengthen the civil society today. It's time to make a real contribution to the prosperity of mankind. The creation of the World chess party is our contribution to this common cause. We need to promote the popularization of chess to increase the intelligence of the nation and the harmonious development of the younger generation.

Our main advantage is that chess is the fair game. It is impossible to hide the trump card or king up the sleeve when playing chess and there cannot be the marked pieces. The clear and transparent principles of the game of chess are our principles as well.

The pawns are not considered as ‘pawns’ in the pejorative sense of the word on the chessboard. Wise player most cherishes these pieces. The loss of even a pawn can lead to the loss of the game. Both in life and in chess the courage and perseverance, backed by the accurate calculation, can move any pawn to the last row where it becomes a queen.
The World chess party would be established according to this principle. Everything depends on a person and his abilities, knowledge, intellect, will and desire to win. Each member of our party who like to achieve success in business, education or in social activities would get a real chance to transform from an ordinary, average ‘pawn’ into the advanced, solid ‘queen’.
The world must enter the era of stability at last. No wonder people are most interested in the individual problems: family and marriage, material wealth, healthy environment, equal access to education, intellectual and spiritual growth.
We believe that the communion with the World chess party as well as with the game of chess would be the ideal opportunity to develop people’s personalities, which is one of the main conditions for the human self-perfection.
We should remember that chess is the international game. We address all nations, the citizens of different states, all the inhabitants of the Earth with the appeal to be tolerant towards each other.
We call on the world's politicians to resolve conflicts not by force but at a chessboard. Only in chess rivals shake hands after the announced checkmate (defeat). Moreover, we intend to extend this noble principle into all spheres of human existence. The World chess party is least of all dabbling at being a party. It is much more than just a party of those who are able to evaluate the infinite depth of the great and ancient game with the firm rules and worthy goal. That is why we are focusing on citizens who are able to win in the game of life.
Our allies are all the citizens who cherish peace, which is suffering from the self-serving demagogues verbiage, the meaningless ideological strife and discord. The World chess party is the wide crusade of practical people united in the name of progress.  
May 2012

Editorial note: The founder of the World chess party is the President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.