Friendship with Putin is a Haut Tone

Recently, the representative of Italy and the leader of the opposition party ‘The Northern League’ Matteo Salvini came to the session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg wearing the T-shirt with the picture of Vladimir Putin. "This is my answer to the Euro cretins who play the war game with Putin. One should be a real idiot to start a war with Russia”, said Salvini to the reporters.
Shortly after that, the former Prime Minister of Germany, the political heavyweight Gerhard Schroeder declared: "The future of Europe is impossible without Russia", openly supporting his strong friendship relations with Vladimir Putin. By the way, the similar viewpoint is shared by another ex-Chancellor of Germany Helmut Schmidt.

This all happened against the background of the G7summit to participate in which Russia, as a year ago, was not invited. Many speeches denounced the Russian leader for the alleged ‘imperial ambitions’ and the ‘denial of the democratic values’ at the summit. However, these days such speeches do not sound as loud as before, and with much less confidentiality. Could it be because that the leaders of G7 gathered in the Bavaria do no longer feel that they are right and not supported by the people of their countries?
Certainly, the number of people who respect the President of our country is rapidly growing all over the world. The politicians and businessmen are sincerely proud of their friendship with Putin and like Schroeder; do not hide their friendly feelings.
In my opinion, this is due not only to the Russian leader's charisma, but also to the titanic work, he has done over the years. He has repeatedly proved that Russia is the one of the few countries that consistently upholds the justice, peace and cooperation for all and supports the people's right to the most precious things they have, which are their lives, the security and the right to choose their own destiny.
Putin is the one of the few world politicians who maintains the sincerity, honesty and openness in relations with the others. He is the one of the few who consistently supports the international law and the traditional values.
People see that he can be trusted and unable to hold a grudge. Is it any wonder that people consider that he’ll do to take along? Moreover, the T-shirts with the pictures of Putin wore by many in Russia and in the other countries, including the Italian politician and the Ukrainian boxer, are the sign of the great trust and support.
That is why the rating of our leader has achieved the fantastic 86 per cent, according to poll carried out in the end of May 2015. It happens often: in response to the people's expectations, the Providence gives them the one who is ready to lead them and whom the people are ready to follow. However, today it is clear that Putin is needed not only by our country.
Gerhard Schroeder is right: the future of Europe is not possible without Russia. The logic of the unipolar world has set human civilization on the brink of a global catastrophe. Only Russia, due to its geopolitical location and the unique cultural and historical experience, could prevent the large-scale and gory division of the world by acting as a mediator in relations between the East and West.
Our common goal is to keep the peace for the sake of our children. There is a boy Gordey Kolesov. He is Russian and lives with his parents in China. Being six years old, he speaks Russian and Chinese as well as English, Spanish and French and is currently learning German. The boy perfectly knows the Chinese culture. He is interested in calligraphy, painting and plays guitar.
I am sure that chess helps him to handle so many hobbies: being so young, he has already achieved the first chess category and has recently appeared on the list of the top ten best players of the World Championships amongst the boys up to 7 years’ old. He also wants to meet with Anatoly Karpov.
This boy could be called ‘The Little Buddha of Chess.’ Maybe this kid is the future of our civilization? The children with the comprehensive education, ability to think, the knowledge and respect of the other cultures and customs of other people would not repeat our mistakes when entering the adulthood. If we, of course, give them a chance.
Gordey is the part of our multinational people although he spent his childhood in China. According to his parents, his idols are not some foreign superheroes but the three legendary heroes of the Russian epics. Moreover, the boy says that his homeland is Russia.
Russia is the greatest country that never strived for the world domination. Our values comprise the justice, friendship, cooperation and the mutual assistance. The Russian people are hardworking, inventive, peaceful and good-natured; however, always ready to defend their native land and their friends.
This country and this people have the right to be proud. Moreover, I am proud that I was able to be born and live in Russia, I am proud to be a part of the Russian people. I am proud of our leader Vladimir Putin.
To sum up, from my point of view, the Western politicians and especially those who are responsible for the people of their countries should not apply to the unfounded allegations against Putin but try to make friends with the Russian president instead. Wherein there is no need to wear the T-shirts with his pictures.