I dont like to repeat myself. I said at the very beginning of "self-isolation" that the world would no longer be the same after the pandemic.  We may hide from the coronavirus, lock ourselves in four walls, but the world would be different when we venture outside. Why? It has already shown us that it can survive without us. What will it become? The better or the worse? What will we become? Nevertheless, the world, albeit imperfect, to which we are accustomed, today is reeling and changing right before our eyes. Or is our perception of it just changing? 

For many, the usual values, which until recently seemed resolute, like freedom of movement and globalization, have collapsed. We, who were always hurrying, fussing, complaining about the lack of time in the day, sit in our homes and can neither fly away nor just leave it today. We have nowhere to rush and nowhere to be late. By the way, I want to note that this is how the vast majority of citizens of our country live, without going outside or travelling. Because there is nothing. It's just that now the number of people restricted to travel abroad will increase. The economic crisis has hit hard on already-skinny wallets of the majority of Russians.
The ease with which the pandemic knocked humanity down speaks only of how unreliable the old world was. As if we were witnessing an incredible experiment, caught between two worlds - the old and the new. And one more thing: today we do not know how the new world will work after the coronavirus.
There are plenty of theories and speculations about the post-coronavirus world. Some scare us of the horrors of a global "digital prison", universal chipping and total control over humankind. Others assume that after pandemic humanity will appear to be wiser, and people will finally discard the false idols and realize the true values. They will understand that the main things in life cannot be measured with money, that happiness lies in happy and healthy life and that the most important human right is the right to life.


Now, during quarantine, when we have enough time to communicate with ourselves, with our soul and conscience, it is high time to ask ourselves: what can I do to change the world for the better? Can I make up for something I've done and what I am ashamed of? What can I give the world? Mind you: not to take but to give.

There is an assumption that the earthly path of man is a kind of purgatory, almost as described in Dante's Divine Comedy. During his stay on earth, a man is given the right to choose, and he must make this choice himself. By committing evil deeds, a man plunges himself into hellish torments, and by doing good and love he makes his way to the heavenly groves.
I am ready to believe in this theory. Earthly purgatory does not depend on the government's announcement of quarantine or self-isolation. This is a kind of an internal life-long quarantine. This is constant, daily communication with your own soul and your conscience. This is when you often think about the past and your deeds. When the main thing becomes not what others say (praise or condemn), but what choice you will make yourself.
It is quite logical. Our whole life is purgatory. Ideally, this is a place to work on mistakes and, accordingly, on yourself. All "new worlds" are created by us, our own efforts, trying to solve a very simple problem - how to become better ourselves and try to make a better world for everyone. Where we will either cleanse ourselves before the Supreme Court of Heaven (or as Buddhists before a re-birth), or, having not understood anything either in ourselves or in the world, we will hang on the rim of the wheel of Samsara.
Many religions agree that the main meaning of the earthly existence of the soul is purification, including suffering, which we perceive as punishment or trial. Well, how else can we understand this perception when we often resist and, like a spoilt child, do not want to study and do our home (earthly) work? If we remain deaf to the voice of our conscience, if we do not want to learn our lessons, we are doomed to live according to the principle “After me, let the deluge come”. I am absolutely certain that that this deluge will destroy us, since instead of purgatory we are creating a real hell on Earth...
A destroyed ecology and ruined Earth, an eternal race for profit, social inequality, deadly diseases - all this may one day turn into a fatal punishment for the entire human civilization. And neither money nor being a CEO will help:  there will be no medicine or vaccine. No one can hide, leave or fly away. Actually, we encountered something similar: where can we hide from the virus on our small planet, if we ourselves are the carriers of this infection? Maybe while scientists are researching a vaccine against coronavirus (and will there be a vaccine if the virus is constantly mutating?), we have time to heal ourselves from other terrible diseases: hatred, aggression, consumerism to all and irrepressible greed and hoarding.
Dante's Purgatory is a mountain with seven terraces, symbolizing the seven deadly sins. This is pride, envy, wrath, sloth, avarice, gluttony and lust. The worse is the sin; the lower is its terrace. At the very bottom is pride. And this is natural, since pride is considered the most terrible sin that combines egoism, arrogance and egotism.
Now, more than ever, all the fragility of human civilization has been exposed. The virus ruthlessly kills hundreds of thousands of people, and nature, as it turned out, does just fine without us. Nature launched its programme of cleansing the consequences of what man thoughtlessly created, proudly calling himself the "crown of nature." We naively believed that man could subjugate the laws of nature. Isn't that pride?
Nature has clearly demonstrated the insignificance of such common stereotypes as "man is the crown of nature", "what an honour it is to be a human being ", and others. It depends only on a man himself. If he is a swindler or a corrupt official, he could never be proud of himself . He will go straight from "Purification" to divine court in the rank of a swindler and a thief. And the amount of money in his bank account won't help. You can't bribe this Judge.
While we talk about "pandemic", the whole history of humankind after the fall of Adam and Eve developed, to put it mildly, sadly. Currently, the pandemic stopped a man from his activity, transport, thoughtless consumption and interference with nature. In response to this, nature slowly but steadily began to return to itself what belongs to it. Right before our eyes, our planet began to cleanse and recover! Air pollution levels dropped by 25%. The ozone layer began to actively recover. The French channel France 2 recently showed footage of how the environment is being cleaned up in a pandemic.
Therefore, we concluded that the world, our earthly purgatory, would no longer be the same. But what will it be? A host of celebrities and scientists including Madonna, Robert de Niro,  and a clutch of Nobel Prize winners have called for radical change in the world rather than 'a return to normal' after the coronavirus lockdowns.
Hollywood stars Cate Blanchett, Jane Fonda, Marion Cotillard,  Monica Bellucci, dancer Baryshnikov and several dozen famous scientists and Nobel winners also added their names to the open letter published in the French daily Le Monde.
“Pollution, climate change and destruction of the natural environment have brought the world to a breaking point,” the letter says. For these reasons, along with the urgency if renewing with a politics of social equity, we believe it is unthinkable to go back to normal life. The radical transformation we need — at all levels — requires determination and courage. It will not happen without a massive and determined commitment. We must act now. "
The coronavirus pandemic and the suspension of our usual activity give us an unprecedented chance to purify our consciousness, to rise to a new level of thinking.  Nature, unlike us, does not destroy or demolish anything. It only develops, corrects and amends. Thoughtless consumerism and, as a result, pollution of the environment, destruction of natural environment led us to the denial of life itself: the life of plants, animals and a large number of people. For these reasons, combined with increasing social inequality, it becomes unthinkable to go back to "normal life".
Alas, on one of the most beautiful planets, our Earth, there have always been wars. The history of humanity is a bloody mess woven of hatred and anger. One war ends, another begins.
Some believe that the coronavirus pandemic is a test and punishment by God. So be it. I think that we must define the issue: if it is a punishment, then there is no need to ask "for what?" Instead, you have to ask yourself: "What have I done wrong?" Why did the human civilization deserve this test? Maybe, just so that we can rethink our actions and our perception of the world and to see our life through some different eyes.